Working at home has become a trend. Mostly because it allows people to earn money in a quick and convenient way. That’s why writers, architects, designers etc. tend to go freelancing. Therefore, lots of websites make it possible for freelancers not only to develop their skills but also to get paid for what they do best. Web designers are probably those who benefit from freelancing the most. The reason for this is that most of freelance websites are created precisely for web designers and their creative development. DesignContest belongs to such websites as well.

Why Sparta?

Freelance world can be compared to cruel ancient Sparta. If you’re weak or lazy, you will never survive because freelance live in a constant fight. Because of the nowadays competition on the labor market, you need to be sort of a modern Leonidas in order to succeed. It doesn’t mean you need to work day and night, with no sleep and no rest. On the contrary, your income doesn’t really depend on the time you spend working. It relies on your actual skills and ability to read the design brief and to understand the client’s demands.

5 tips and tricks for freelance designers

Finding a proper freelance marketplace is just a half of your business done. Another half on your way to success consists of 5 basic steps that need to be taken in order to become a winner on web design freelance platforms.

Be different

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Doesn’t matter what your sphere of expertise is: logo design, poster design or landing page design. You still need to be highly creative in order to get chosen: your clients will get dozens of fascinating entries from other designers but you need to make sure yours will be highlighted and therefore easily get noticed.

Be attentive

A creative brief your clients provides you with is a golden key to your success. There is no need in inventing a wheel once again, for your client has already described everything he wants you to do. All you need is implementing this brief into a real life which isn’t so hard as it sounds first.

Be positive

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Positive thinking along with your positive design endorses your entry and makes it look much more appealing to your clients. Think of why your clients need this design first and foremost. Everything is about attracting a client. This is a long painful process that can turn out to be highly beneficial at the end or it can be a complete failure. It depends on the prospective. Your key question while designing something needs to be “What can I do in order to make the audience interested and captivated?”. The answer is still hidden in your positive attitude. The more positive it is, the more clients your design will bring.


If you want your clients to understand you, you need to show them your initial idea. Not to tell them about it but to really show it. It might sound scary when you first think of it but in fact it is quite easy to do. For example, use SQVID, which is a practical technique for applied imagination and helps you show your concept to your clients step by step.

Develop your skills

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Without development, you cannot get improved, which is why your design concepts will be repeating themselves and get really boring. Every web designer has his own handwriting which is reflected in the designs is creates. You can find at least one common feature in one designer’s projects. The fewer these features are, the more creative this designer is. Be creative and you will win the web design world. Being creative always means developing your skills, for no pain – no gain!

Bottom line

Freelancers earn much more than studio designers (even if they don’t work full-time). While choosing a project, however, you should think of the way you can be useful for it, the way you can develop and improve it. If you’re interested just in your income, you are likely to succeed.