How to design a podcast logo

Visuals are one of the most important aspects of promoting any brand. A podcast, which is an auditory discussion of speakers, also requires some visuals to grab the audience. A great brand logo can help the podcast catch the attention of new listeners and expand its reach and subscriber...

What’s in a Good Logo Design? 8 Professional Tips and Tricks

Your logo is a visual representation of your brand. It helps you create a strong first impression and sets the tone for your quality of service, core values, mission and vision, and much more. Unprofessional logos will make your potential customers and investors question your credibility. Chances are, if...

4 Steps to Designing the Perfect Icon

One of the basic skills an adept graphic designer should have in their arsenal is icon creation. Sure, there are many free icons online or you could start a contest for icon design. However, knowing how to do it properly yourself will give you the ability to fully customize...

Crowdsource In Design From Within

Some people get petrified with the word “crowdsource” and don’t really get how it works. That is why DesignContest has asked three designers on our platform to explain their understanding of the concept of crowdsource and its role in design. We asked them to be honest so that our...

5 Tips For A Small Business Home Page Design

Nowadays, no kind of business can do without its own website. The fact that your company exists online, helps it to get promoted and to increase its sales. Therefore, a web design of your corporate site is rather important.

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