Most people who already have Picasa installed on to their PC should already know the basic functions of editing and enhancing. Yet, Picasa offers other functions that can simplify the editing process or provide more detail on the images taken. Here are some guidelines to lesser known functions that Picasa has to offer.

Bulk Tagging Your Photos

First, open up Picasa and select a specific folder or select the desired photos you want to tag. Then press and hold down the CNTRL key and press the letter “K” key simultaneously. A dialog box will pop up where you can add multiple keywords/tagging. You can also create folders with distinct keyword names along with their respective related dates so when you perform the search function it will look for the title of the folder.

Map Your Photos Feature

Begin by logging into Picasa Web Albums. Then select an album and click on the icon that says “Map Photos”. You will be directed to world map with a bar for text where you will type in the location of where the photos were taken. Select “Go” and you will be zoomed into that particular location. Simply drag your selected photos from the left viewing bar and drop them on to the map of the world. If you want to select a bulk of photos to drag and drop, simply hold down the CNTRL key and select the last picture. Select the “Done” icon and your location will be newly pinpointed.

Creating a Slideshow

Select your desired folder or album. Select the “Create” function from the menu tab and then choose the “Movie” function. On the “Create Movie” options box, you can alter the amount of delay you want between pictures. You can also fiddle around with the movie size, although to prevent from images looking grainy, opt for the “Large (640 x 480)” size. You can also go to the “Video Compression” option box and choose from several compression method options. Select the “OK” button and your movie will be created and saved to the folder you want. You can upload the newly created slideshow/video by selecting the “Upload to Web Album” function and select its destination host site where you can send the link for others to view publicly.

Hide Photos When Burning

Select the pictures you do not want to burn on a CD and hold down on the CNTRL key, right click and select the “Hide” function. Then click on the “Gift CD” option in the top menu bar. After your CD has completed burning, you can unhide the hidden photos by going to the “View” menu and clicking on the “Hidden Pictures” option.