While an abundance of Photoshop tutorials are floating around on the web today, wading through all of them just to find the ones that are really worth your time can be frustrating and time consuming. Thankfully, we’ve actually done much of the hard work for you and have compiled this lovely little list of our top 10 favorite Photoshop tutorials.


1)      Breathtaking hair: Ever wonder how commercial model’s hair always looks so stunning? Use the tips from this great tutorial to add shine to the locks in your own photos. Perfect for adding a touch of glamor to senior photo shoots, professional hair processing can provide a great editing touch for any photograph.

2)      Sunglass Reflections: Useful for many advertising needs, this fun little trick can make any model look like they’re soaking up the sun in paradise or a city street—wherever you need them to “be.”

3)      Vibrant Colors: Need a way to make the colors in your graphics stand out just a little more? Check out the ideas from this step-by-step tutorial to creatively pull out the vibrant tones in your photos and create a more overall eye-catching image.

4)      Water Reflections: Wanting to capture a reflection for a photograph, but just didn’t have any real water around? Use this tutorial to help you digitally create the concept you originally wanted for your image.

5)      Water Montage: Perhaps one of my personal favorites, this fun trick can add a dramatic effect to just about any photograph. Beautifully written in great detail, this guide can be used for any graphic design needs where you want the focus to be on drawing attention to an epic image.

6)      Advertisement Design: Ok, so this one isn’t really a tutorial specifically focused on any one product, however the advice within the step-by-step instructions is applicable to a variety of design needs. Be sure to consult this tutorial when you’re in the process of creating your next advertisement design graphics.

7)      Splatter Molds: Fun, quirky, and positively perfect for your next faceless image, use this concept to create graphics for any design needs that call for dramatic (but not disturbing or creepy) images. After all, a quick look at one of the latest galleries of acclaimed photographer Mitsuko Nagone will reveal that a “lack of faces” is actually in vogue right now.

8)      Cracked/Peeling: Need something to look like it’s a bit older than the actual photograph? Use this guide to add a layer of cracking/peeling to your image.

9)      Uneven Surface Textures: A tricky task for some, this will guide you step by step through how to add textures to uneven surfaces. While a picture of a face is used for the purpose of this tutorial, this concept can really be easily applied to a whole range of photographic subjects.

10)   Comic Book: Ideal for graphic design projects for children or for projects that call for a fun but retro appearance, this comic book effects photoshop tutorial may be just the thing you need.