He is young but very serious. Patience and creativity are his main weapons. Meet our August designer – jaykobbb and enjoy this interview 🙂


What was the reason for you to become a designer?

Giving special meaning to normal things and transform them to be extraordinary.

What is harder: learning to design, starting design career with no experience or finding inspiration and ideas for each new project?

I would like to say it depends, personally for me learning is not a problem at all. It only requires time and will. Starting design career without experience is the hardest one, you have to be patient. As for the inspiration so I’m having fun while finding inspiration and ideas (smiling).

By the way, where do you find inspiration for the logo contests?

Evening running with earphones  listening to good music, it inspires me a lot.

design_by jaycobbb1 design_by jaycobbb2 design_by jaycobbb3

How long are you with DesignContest and what can you say about this experience?

I am here for almost 1 year , but I am really active  for around half a year, the experience is great! It’s great opportunity to show your creativity. I highly recommend this site to everyone. And I send special thanks to whole community and of course dear support managers Anastasia and Sharie (smiling).

Please, share with the readers 3 situations you had here. Some positive, some negative and some funny situation

Heh (laughing)! Actually, I had several positive and surprising situations when I got a note that my account was credited. And it is really nice when community and admins vote for your logotype,  I appreciate that. The negative one was when I have been leading a contest with 100% rating for around 12 days and few minutes before it ends, contest holder eliminated me and chose design with 20% rate, but it happens (smiling). Funny situation is that graphic community has a Game of Throne thread on forum and that topic is really active. Oops if I spoilered a bit, forgive me! (smiling).

What logo trends do you like most of all and why?

I’m big fan of negative space , check F1 logo and you will know what I mean.

Also I think minimalism will be always on top of trends.

negative_space_logo_1 negative_space_logo_2 negative_space_logo_3

What kind of logo design can irritate you?

I do not like playful style, just highly prefer more serious.

Will you advise some sources to read for logo designers?

DC blog is really helpful, and I also advise  grafmag.pl.

Are you combining freelancing with office job?

Yep , I am working in advertising agency but I can separate freelancing from office job. Of course, it is not easy, for last year I am spending around 8 hours working in office and next 3-4 hours is freelancing. You have to sacrifice something to achieve a goal.

What was your feeling after your first win?

Great and unforgettable feeling! I called my brother and I thanked him, my graphic design knowledge is based on his 6 years experience.

What will you advise to DesignContest newbies?

Be patient and creative, try to find original styles instead of copying someone’s work . Spending more time on one project is more valuable than creating tones of logotypes without meaning. Believe in yourself and start working (smiling).

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