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Top Typography Tool Sites

Posted on August 17, 2011

Category: General

Looking for tools and tips on typography or just simply looking for ways to better you graphically designed business/personal webpage? Regardless if you are a beginner graphic designer or a professional, here are a handful of helpful websites that can help you get pointed in the right direction.



This site is very helpful in helping you pinpoint a specific font that you my find on the internet or on an image and want to determine which font is being used. You can submit or paste your font into their search engine and it will generate results on matching font styles. As easy at it sounds, the site layout and its use is really that simple. There are even tips on what ideal images and sizing should be used and so on.


This site allows you to fiddle around with different font types, sizes, and styles by simply letting you select from an extensive list of fonts and configure your desired size and effect.  You can also use this site as a tool to compare various fonts on a sample page by simply pairing chosen fonts against their home page. Simplistic and straight to the point, this site is a great for beginners and professionals alike.


A little more detailed than the first two sites, this site shows you upfront what specific fonts look like. So if you don’t have the time to look up each font style by name, just simple scroll through their set of fonts shown and pick the ones you like best.  Drop down functions on top of the homepage allow you to fiddle around with the font size and easily go to a selected font name if you already know which one you like and want to see it in a different size or style. The additional plus about this site is that it allows you to download the CSS while coding.

Flipping Typical

This website is the simplest out of the five, where fonts are displayed all over the page and once you click on a specific one, the font style will appear bearing the websites name on the top center for you to view. Everything from basic fonts (such as Times New Roman, Helvetica, etc.) to “not-typical” fonts are available, but beware as some of these “non-typical” fonts may not be supported on your computer. Especially great for novice font seekers, the website’s name alone ought to keep your interest going.

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