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As seen on As seen on
Hardware-store - URL:

I need 3 slide product banners that should appear in top of: They need to be smooth design that fit into the pages design. Size you can see in webpage. It should have shadows dept I need you to make a banner for each o...

140 Completed on: 25 August 14 32
SK Estate Agents

I am wanting a banner designed for the side of a building. The banner is triangular shaped and measures 8m wide by 2.72m high. The company is an estate agents and we are wanting the banner to advertise the business. I want the banner to make our...

118 50
Coming Soon

I need an ad template to use for my real estate listings. Instead of a banner ad, think of it as a Hatch Show Print (concert promo posters, Nashville TN), a movie getting ready to be released or a coming attraction of any sort. The subject matter wil...

118 47
Ad banner

For the frontpage of our proofreading website - - we need an ad banner to effectively communicate a free trial offer. Goal: Easy to understand the offer / saving and easy to act, when leads decide to create a trial account. We are ...

100 23
Open Channel

Open Channel is a filmmaking resource centre that runs events, training etc related to filmmaking. - We have a 'push up banner' we use at our events with a graphic of our old building (attached as open_channel_banner_D2.pdf). ...

100 33
PumpOne Environmental LLC

We manufactor pneumatic pumps for the landfill and remediation industry. We promote our products through industry trade shows and international conferences through out the US. I will attach some examples of what we are looking for.

240 12
Weather Decision Technologies

Booth Backdrop for a partner display. The two entities are Weather Decision Technologies and Event Safety Alliance. Need something that conveys - safety first at concerts and outdoor events. WDT, Inc. consults with outdoor event managers and stage bu...

100 6

Greetings designers! We need a bannerset for our product Snorestopper (mouth piece to relieve snoring) About us: We sell mouthguards which prevents snoring. Proven concept. The product: - Designed and recommended by dentists - 100% satisf...

140 11
Shareable image for Facebook contest

At My Smart Buddy, we help parents to find affordable personal tutoring for their children. Parents can choose from hundreds of top university students across the UK to find the perfect tutor at a fair price. We´re launching a Facebook contest t...

120 29
Top Banner for

We need a very simple banner for the top of It should consist of.... 1) A side-view of the rock tumbler shown in the photo of the attached file. Do not paste the photo in. We want a very simple side view DRAWING. 2) The ...

150 112
Green Star Foods

This is a menu that should be displayed on a large 50" Screen in a food store, it should be clear to read, and it needs to be delivered in a photoshop psd format with all the layers so we can change prices or names of products in the future, we will ...

100 21
Retargeting banners Shaving Website (Retail).

Greetings! We need a bannerset for our website (translation: About us: We sell subscription based Gillette and Wilkinson Sword razor blades in the Netherlands. What I need are banners for in our retargeting...

210 75
Email Signature Banner

Would like a banner to be added to email signature for Staff. Emails are sent to customers, manufacturers suppliers and internally. Pickerings Auto Group. - Large Automotive dealership with 14 new car brands and 2 used car yards...

100 23
Ecommerce Hero Banner

We need a "hero" image design for our ecommerce site selling custom welded to length band saw blades. This will be to replace the existing hero image on (the big, blue, ugly box). The design needs to include the foll...

271 47
Online animated skycraper (160 x 600px) for today!

I have realised that for such little space, I need to reduce the amount of text. Please modify accordingly. TOP: DUNE HD LOGO BOTTOM: MONSTER MEDIA LOGO WITH FOLLOWING SENTENCE: Exclusive European Representation for the Dune HD brand. TEXT TO APPE...

300 37
6-Figure Moms Telesummit Banner

Horizontal Website Banner for sales page (not sure what size?) This will be a banner for a telesummit: ***Here's the copy**** Title: The 6-Figure Mom Movement Subtitle: Virtual Mentoring Experience Tagline: Insider Secrets of Entrepreneuria...

118 120
3 Buttons for Real Estate Website

Looking to recreate 3 buttons for my website: The 3 buttons are on the bottom of the homepage and are currently labeled as: -Meet Andrew -Square One Condo Tours -List My Condo Now The look I am going...

184 61
Rotating banners for home page of our web site (5)

We're a web design and internet marketing company in need of 5 graphic banners created for our new site. These banners will rotate every few seconds on our homepage and the intention is to give visitors to our website reasons they should choose us fo...

205 62
Contactlens design banner

We sell contactlenses on the internet We are looking for new banners in the sices 160x600 300x250 468x60 728x90 The banners will be used as display ads in googles Adwords remarketing tool.

302 96

I am wanting an A5 leaflet producing for my new Estate Agency business.  We offer sales, letting and management services.  I am wanting something which displays the services we offer and includes our current branding which can be seen on our websit...

180 50
Website Header for Writing Blog

This project is for a website header for a blog about writing. Title: It Just Came to Me .com Tagline: Random thoughts on life, leadership and other topics of interest Size: 940x200 I'd prefer a muted color scheme--maybe blues and greys. Or...

100 83
Condom shop needs a genius banner!

We are in desperate need of a really good looking banner, and hope some of you creative designers will help us getting the PERFECT banner for our shop :-) If you visit our site at you will see a big picture with BANNER! written ...

100 37
Property Management Company looking for Sleek Simple Banner

We are switching to Joomla for our website and the company doing the site have done a great job with the site itself but the banner needs a lot of help. We would like something that is very professional looking but is still cool and eye catching. We ...

102 20
Kids hunting website Needs Eye Catching Cute Design

I need a cute and eye catching banner that incorporates my logo. It will be used on a website using wordpress.

100 85
Web/Print Ad Campaign for Pet Products company

Project to build ad campaign. Campaign will focus on Flash banner ad. Please submit in story board form what flash will look like for the Ad. One story board would be acceptable.Winning design Will be asked to deliver 1) banner ad in Flash in multipl...

363 32
PEM Racing

We are an aftermarket rear end manufacturer that is starting our first e-commerce site. We need a new banner for the top of the new shopping Home Page that is more professional than the banner we are using now. We need the banner to be for the sh...

168 41

I need a graphic theme, which I can apply to printed banners, banner head advertising, brochures and other forms of media. Like the website, it needs to be slick and minimal, but able to communicate the multiple functions of the product. Ideally, y...

118 57
Healthy Steps Challenge

We need a set of banner ads that will have a fun look and feel. These ads will be used to advertise for a healthy walking program. I've also included tall and wide layouts of our logo. I would like to see both skyscraper and leaderboard styles. 4...

100 14
Pi Food Store & International Eatery

ADVERTISING PROMOTIONAL FLYER We're in need of a postcard-style flyer that is 8.5" wide x 5.5" high that can be printed double-sided two up on an 8.5" x 11" paper. The flyer must advertise the Pi Food Store on one side and the International Eat...

200 17
LifeSkilz, LLC

We are looking for a website header for our site - It is a website designed to help single women (35-55) in finding the love that their hearts so desperately crave. We envision a header which plays off of the words GPS For Love ...

100 38
Cannon Cruisers Car & Truck Club

This is a contest for a website header (not advertising) of a local classic car and truck club. "Cannon Cruisers" should be the main text and "Car & Truck Club" should be smaller. We want to use bright colors and images of classic cars. A vintage f...

100 21
Healthy E-Cigarette

Greetings designers! We need a bannerset for our product HealthyCig (e-cigarettes) About us: We sell e-cigarettes – it is possible to choose from a small or large starter kit. There are 6 different flavours/juices. The e-cigarettes are tobac...

175 20
Amanda Yoga and Dance Studio

Focus on the name Amanda. Be Creative! Feel free to try different visuals or yoga silhouettes. Elements have to be cohesive and clear reading. The yoga studio will also provide services in massages for sick patients and a juice bar for people to ...

100 33
Tradeshow Booth

I am needing a graphic design for the backdrop of our new tradeshow booth. I am thinking I will purchase a knitted polyester fabric banner (full color) that is approximately 8 feet wide by 7.5 feet tall. I would like to use our current logo but need ...

100 32

The BillBoard is the size 14 ft x 24ft. My office is Argyle Dental Professionals see ARGYLEDENTAL.COM. There are other "ArgyleDentals" in the Area so I may have to advertise by my name Glenn Forhan DMD MAGD instead so as to not drive traffic to a c...

401 39
Banner Image for a tennis association (non profit)

The following is a new brief. We have extended to gather more candidates and welcome your creativity. Thanks. The San Antonio Tennis Association, founded in 1946, is currently in the process of a re-branding the organization through a new initia...

186 60
Rock Tumbler

We are looking for banner ads of the following sizes to advertise the Rock Tumblers that we have for sale at 300x250 160x600 728x90 ========================= Images for your use.... http...

100 28
Lagos del Sol

The Goal is To sell a land In Lagos del Sol ( it's in Spanish and in Mexican Pesos. The click page is Specially we...

100 23
Ecommerce Homepage Banners (3)

We think our current banners for our eCommerce site are boring and are not attractive and professional as they can be. We would like the 3 rotating banners redone. The website is, we sell funny t shirts. Ideally we would lik...

162 36
Bannerset for budgethoster

We're looking for a bannerset with a good 'call to action'. Formats should at least be: 300x250 160x600 120x600 728x90 468x60 234x60 Logo can be found here: Animated banners are appreciated, bu...

100 16
Splash page for Modern Martini website

Alcohol Beverage Company based in the United States, our main product that will be launched this year is a RTD-ready to drink martini cocktail. A splash page is needed that is modern and edgy, that appeals to all. Our cocktail is a convenient way t...

414 115
Advertising Banner

We are a fast growing new and young car company looking to expand in our local and national market. We are looking for a advertising banner that will be used in various different environments, online, print and on our building. It needs to be sim...

271 76
Banner for Dating site (high click rate)

See attached examples of similar banners attached. I'm looking for similar banners that stick out as much as possible. Use imagery such as the following: Use only stock photos or pictures that we can buy the license (must provide the relevant s...

140 13
Background Graphic for race car website

Hello, My company is looking for a background image today for our website. This site is a work in progress and not completed yet. you can see it at www dot vengeanceracing dot net. The concept needs to be similar to the background image ( the...

100 36
Rotating banner (total of 4)

Banner #4 this one has a touch of humour. the image (oldcamera.jpg) is rather old, can you still do something with it? I would just add the caption "Yes, there is a better way to do it!" Banner #3 I want to use a stock image of onboard video r...

140 16
Banner Ads

Below are the list of requirements for the advertisements. We will be focusing on a heavily Brand-Based ad. All banners should adhere to the color scheme and style elements on Brand-Based: ...

301 120
Artificial Grass online seller needs homepage banner

The banners should have size 782x314, also we can use vertical banners with width 186pixels and should be incorporated in the template you see on Please note that the original domainname will be (on which is o...

100 27 Needs Attractive Attention getting design for banne...

I'm looking to have a website header made that can be used as a logo as well to go on bumper stickers/tshirts etc.. It needs to say "" and "Because Chicks LOVE Queso." If you can also put a small trademark symbol on it too since I t...

130 61
Banner for our home page needed

Our current website ( is not an e-commerce site. We are currently implementing a e-commerce site using CS-Cart software and will be implementing a rotating Flash banner on the homepage. We are looking for the first of 3 or 4 ...

145 68
Banners for our new e-commerce site

We are in need of 3 banners to display on the home page of our website. These banners will rotate using Flash every few seconds. The banners need to blend well with our color scheme used on our site ( You may use any graphics...

211 43

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Wendy Foster
Wendy Foster

Designs: 181    Paid: $223

The designers were professional, creative and easy to work with, the price was fair and I had my new logo in less than a week.
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Wendy Foster

Design contest made it simple and efficient to get my logo designed just the way I envisioned! The designers were professional, creative and easy to work with, the price was fair and I had my new logo in less than a week. I will definitely be using design contest in the future.

Designs submitted
Barnaby Andersun
Barnaby Andersun

Designs: 409    Paid: $425

Support is top notch. I have ran several contests with Designcontest and will continue to have more contests through them.
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Barnaby Andersun

Great contest and the designer was very good to work with, Great design. Designcontest is a superb place to find a logo design. Support is top notch. I have ran several contests with Designcontest and will continue to have more contests through them.

Designs submitted
Casey Newton
Casey Newton

Designs: 233    Paid: $310

We LOVE our design. Branding is so vital and we couldn't have made a better choice than to try
Learn more about the client

Casey Newton was so easy and the customer service was fantastic. is a fabulous option if you want fast results and more choices, all at an affordable price. I also love that it is also good for the designer AND the contest holder. I would highly recommend it to both!

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What if I need a set of banners to appear in my advert - do I need to open more than one contest?

No - you don't need to open more than one contest. You are welcome to ask for more than one banner, you just need to make sure it clear in your design brief.

How long is the average Banner Ad contest?

Although you can have contests that are 3 days or 14 days, most contest holder’s initially chose a 7 day contest and then if they want more time, they will extend at the end of the contest.

If I like a design but want more done to it before declaring it the winner, what can I do?

You don't need to worry if your winning design isn't perfect. After you've chosen the winner, you have 7 - 10 days to ask for modifications after the designer has sent the original source files.

How do I communicate with the designers?

There is a comment area on your live contest page, where you can chat to all the designers or if you want to talk to one designer, you just refer to their entry, e.g. About #312 - Nice work!

How can I guarantee creativity and diversity?

If you upgrade your contest to a Blind one, the designers will only be able to see their own work, which means they will feel more relaxed to share their best quality designs because there is no chance of them being copied.

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If you submit a ticket to, we can contact you with a quote from our developers who offer a very efficient service for your coding needs.

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