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Alpha 10

We are a team of medical sales people that are fearless and will go after our goal without ever stopping. The word "Alpha" means the individual in the community with the highest rank. The number "10" significance - Leadership, confidence, optim...

244 Completed on: 16 April 14 209
Westport MediSpa

UPDATE_ Hello, my contest has been extended for another week. We don't feel like the designs presented truly reflected what we are looking for. We would prefer not to stay with the "WM" initials as part of the logo design. We are looking for a new...

260 Completed on: 15 April 14 107
Sunshine Wave Studios

We are a pair of artists, musicians, and educators that want to cater to a broad audience including shoppers, school administrators, parents, etc. We want a funky family feel--bumpkin-bourgeoisie. We make music instruments, wooden puzzles, jewelry, b...

274 Completed on: 14 April 14 78
20 South Custom Homes

New custom home building company in Central Texas. Looking for something new age and trendy and do NOT want any of the traditional clip are images of houses I have seen others use. Most likely no image of a house in the logo at all. Like for the "20"...

244 Completed on: 14 April 14 64
Wash Works or Wash WorX

We are looking for a logo for our express tunnel car wash. We are looking for a clean, fresh, crisp design. Something clean, wet, shiny, bubbly… but not too cute. We have not decided whether to spell the name as Wash Works or Wash Worx. Please s...

331 Completed on: 14 April 14 52
Prime Homes

Prime Homes is a real estate development company and specializes in constructing and selling residential apartments and villas. Key brand attributes - Modern, stylish, professional, trustworthy. When people buy from us, they should feel proud...

331 Completed on: 14 April 14 55
Lil Mikey's Gourmet Italian Ice

We are starting an Italian Ice (not ice cream) company. It is called "Lil Mikey's Gourmet Italian Ice". We are looking for a logo, possibly with a boy in a baseball cap. The logo should be a bit more on the simple side since it is going to be embroid...

301 Completed on: 13 April 14 22 is a Website that ranks BBQ teams competing in California. Although IS a competition BBQ related website, we are NOT looking for a logo that is overly BBQ looking - not a chicken, cow, or hog centric logo, but you CAN incor...

253 Completed on: 12 April 14 131

The > basic format should be a world map (in a circular enclosure) with a > break between upper and lower half with. displayed > in black bold font against white background for the stretch between > the 2 halves of the world ma...

244 Completed on: 11 April 14 51
ELIZAII ceramics

We are a tile and sanitary ware company. We represent some manufacturers and we cater for both high end clients.

223 Completed on: 11 April 14 47

We need a logo and a smaller version of logo (to be used as avatar) for the web-based service, which helps families find home personnel: nannies, nurses, home-cleaners, etc. The site is for russian-speaking people. MaminZam - is a humorous made up w...

223 Completed on: 10 April 14 13

PROJECT DESCRIPTION We have been contracted to develop brand symbols for a new brand. This particular project will be to develop a logo and an “abbreviated” logo symbol to represent the brand. BRAND DESCRIPTION CITYBRED is a brand that...

331 Completed on: 10 April 14 86
Korun Solutions, LLC

We provide practical and comprehensive management and financial solutions for the medical business. Our team of consultants at Korun Solutions, LLC come from an impressive range of backgrounds and education ranging from medical billing/coding to HR, ...

310 Completed on: 9 April 14 108
Light My Fire - Wood Fired Pizza Italian Trattoria

Light My Fire - Wood Fired Pizza- Italian Trattoria is the name of our restaurant. We are looking for a logo that shows fire that we offer woodfired pizza. "LIGHT MY FIRE" is the main name but I also want "Wood Fired Pizza" and "Italian Trattoria" i...

598 Completed on: 9 April 14 98

Business Case: Educational discovery center focused on creative learning of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) principles through the use of toy brick building, electronics and robotics. Target age group: Pre K through 12th grade. B...

288 Completed on: 8 April 14 63

We are looking to start branding our company on an International level. We are looking for a fresh new logo to be at the center of our growth in 2014. We are a software design company that has been around for about 10 years. We need a logo that’s h...

223 Completed on: 8 April 14 131
Phil Anthropy House

Phil Anthropy House is a public benefits program (a non-profit corporation. Phil Anthropy (a fictional character)provides houses to conduct philanthropic programs from e.g. one house has a returning vet with PTSD who is trying to get on his feet, an...

505 Completed on: 7 April 14 109
Priority Paper

Need a logo design for our start up paper manufacturing company. We are growing rapidly and looking to develop a BRAND image that represents our company name. "Priority Paper" is focused on delivering high quality paper supply products to merchants...

223 Completed on: 7 April 14 174

A logo for a new modern coffee shop on the most popular corner of University Of Colorado in Boulder. A lot of student traffic in front of the caffe. The building its very old but will be very modern inside.

223 Completed on: 7 April 14 79
Bye Bye Ink

New start-up tattoo removal business. Named "Bye Bye Ink" with a tag line "Laser Tattoo Removal".

223 Completed on: 7 April 14 83

Pipedot is a news and discussion website. Main topics are about science, technology, and online privacy and freedom. Social networking and community driven discussion are major features of the site. A "pipe" is a characte...

300 Completed on: 6 April 14 521
Magnolia Dental

Magnolia Dental is a General Dentistry office. We are proud to be able to provide great quality and perform all dental procedures including crowns, implants, orthodontics, and sedation dentistry. We are looking for a fresh and inviting design. A 2...

223 Completed on: 5 April 14 104
Think Festive

Event management company run by Elina Tsakiroglou (would be nice the name to be mentioned but not necessary) We do wedding palnning, Christenings, Birthday Parties, Corporate events etc. The Company is located in Greece and we are young people ...

418 81
Life Coaching & Energy Healing

My business is spiritual in nature, however, I want a logo that only subtly states that. It would need to be more generic but will incorporate the hidden meaning. I will be marketing this business under my name, not a business name, so please design...

223 140

(NEW INFO ADDED 3/12/14 at 9:21am Eastern... Our software platform and manufacturing facility are significant differentiators for our company. Design ideas that somehow incorporate technology and manufacturing would be welcome. Think "computer mee...

331 164

GEO4 - service to create and edit your own maps ("store location"). The logo will be used on the website, business cards, printing, as well as on the map as a link to the site. Desirable association with geo services. In the logo needs a symbol...

223 Completed on: 16 April 14 109

I would like a logo designed for my web design business. The company name is enet design ltd, but i would like the logo designed with the brand e-net. The main brand colour is #33cc33. I would like a professional, modern logo. My target m...

247 Completed on: 15 April 14 132
TapeLight Direct

TapeLight Direct is an ecommerce retailer of LED tapelight and power supplies. These may be used to light coves, walls, shelves, and are available in both an indoor and outdoor format.

223 Completed on: 14 April 14 42

This is for a dental office. Want a logo that conveys, professionalism, advanced technology and is considered modern and cutting edge.

223 Completed on: 14 April 14 124
Enzo, logo for a young karting champ'

Enzo is a 6 years old karting driver/racer. He is very talented and already part of a racing kid program We would like to market his name better to get more sponsor because karting is an expensive sport. The idea would be to create a logo a...

223 Completed on: 14 April 14 169

We are the online shop (website) who sell all kind of bags specialy for women,men and children and also including bags for traveling ! Our brand name "Wellbag" ! We need Logo wich people will remember after seeing it. It can be emblem or pictoral mar...

400 Completed on: 13 April 14 82
LEAD Academy

LEAD Academy is a virtual business incubator offering services to Leaders & Entrepreneurs. LEAD is an acronym for: Leaders, Entrepreneurs And Development. Reference to our concept as an academy is due to the resources and tools that leaders & entrepr...

244 Completed on: 13 April 14 84
Hudson Valley Builders & Remodelers Association

HV Builders & Remodelers Association is a non-profit group made up of commercial and residential developers, builder, architects, engineers, realtors, mortgage brokers, bankers, interior designers, etc. It is a professional association whose mission ...

223 Completed on: 11 April 14 52

Logo for website...Im a travel agent that works from home and is going to set up a website. So i need an logo....I sell luxury travel. Cruises and wonderful destinations.

223 Completed on: 11 April 14 105
Lot 102 - Farm 2 Market Fare

We are a food trailer and cafe business specializing in a menu with items using only farm to market local ingredients. The are mobile with the food trailer as well as, we have a cafe.

323 Completed on: 10 April 14 43
Cognitive Information

New logo needed for a Business Intelligence consulting firm. Business Intelligence systems assist in analyzing, presenting and reporting a company’s data in meaningful, usable forms. We like to say it is turning data, the 1’s and 0’s, into...

425 Completed on: 10 April 14 409

FestyFam will be an online social community based around Music Festivals. The type of events that will be covered include Electric Daisy Carnival, Lightning in a Bottle, and Gem and Jam. The target audience is younger, typically in their 20s with a...

289 Completed on: 9 April 14 125
Silver State Meats

We are looking for a Logo for our new Meat Company. We are located in Las Vegas Nevada ( we are known as the Silver State) We process, Beef, Pork, Chicken, Veal& Lamb.

223 Completed on: 9 April 14 82
Restructure Corporation

I need a new log designed for our Commercial & Residential Roofing & General Contracting Company Current logo is basically clipart and some text We also buy, rehab and sell residential homes if that can be incorporated somehow too. Its all cons...

223 Completed on: 8 April 14 122
Kidz Emporium

i am opening a Designer kids clothing store and need a logo for the name Kidz Emporium. The store will be more of a classy look rather than a typical children's colourful store. i need something striking, fun but elegant. The decor will be French P...

223 Completed on: 8 April 14 131
färbe technik™

färbe technik™ is a leading online, global supplier, of electronics product accessories including Apple, Blackberry and Samsung. Specifically developed for everyday user applications in mind, färbe technik™  seeks to provide an unparallel...

223 Completed on: 8 April 14 131
Next Generation Spine Center

Chiropractic clinic, spine is obviously a draw, blue and brown colors are favored but not mandatory

223 Completed on: 7 April 14 32
Group Mortgage

Our newly developed company, Group Mortgage, is looking for a logo and identity that encompasses the following qualities: a modern, approachable, friendly, efficient, timely and full-service mortgage lender. Preferred colors and shades would be g...

500 Completed on: 7 April 14 114
Stakeholder Gold

Logo for a gold mining company

288 Completed on: 7 April 14 52
Barker Wentworth

Barker Wentworth is a high end boutique advisory firm. We are looking to refresh our brand.

288 Completed on: 6 April 14 46
Badger's Cafe

Hello Designers, I am starting my own business called Badger's which will be a cafe that sells high quality but affordable foods and beverages mostly pies, jacket potatoes, paninis and pre-prepared sandwiches, coffees, milkshakes and smoothies etc...

223 Completed on: 6 April 14 116

The website is not .com You can see the existing logo at the website. We are in the process of redesigning the website. I'm just not a logo designer. The present logo design is a little plain, is there something we could do ...

244 Completed on: 3 April 14 129

Limitless is a game that challenges entrepreneurs to achieve real-life quest after quest. The idea is they play the game and move through the levels...their previous "limits" are shattered, and they feel truly LIMITLESS. http://screencas...

223 81
Harris Landscaping, Inc.

Commercial & Residential Drainage, outdoor lighting, landscaping, irrigation and grading

223 85
Force Ten Marketing

Force Ten is a marketing consulting company. We are looking for a logo to be used on business cards, stationary, and on-line. This is a cool name, but it has to be handled a bit carefully... it can't be too cool! For your information, Force Ten ...

265 106

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Wendy Foster
Wendy Foster

Designs: 181    Paid: $223

The designers were professional, creative and easy to work with, the price was fair and I had my new logo in less than a week.
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Wendy Foster

Design contest made it simple and efficient to get my logo designed just the way I envisioned! The designers were professional, creative and easy to work with, the price was fair and I had my new logo in less than a week. I will definitely be using design contest in the future.

Designs submitted
Barnaby Andersun
Barnaby Andersun

Designs: 409    Paid: $425

Support is top notch. I have ran several contests with Designcontest and will continue to have more contests through them.
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Barnaby Andersun

Great contest and the designer was very good to work with, Great design. Designcontest is a superb place to find a logo design. Support is top notch. I have ran several contests with Designcontest and will continue to have more contests through them.

Designs submitted
Casey Newton
Casey Newton

Designs: 233    Paid: $310

We LOVE our design. Branding is so vital and we couldn't have made a better choice than to try
Learn more about the client

Casey Newton was so easy and the customer service was fantastic. is a fabulous option if you want fast results and more choices, all at an affordable price. I also love that it is also good for the designer AND the contest holder. I would highly recommend it to both!

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How much does an average Logo Design package cost?

The average amount paid by a client for a logo design contest is $290. This includes both the designer payout and our commission & handling.

What are the fees for running a Logo Design contest?

The fees for running any contest vary depending on the category; the package you choose; the duration of your contest and the upgrades you choose. You will be able to see how your money is divided into prize money and fee amount when you're setting up a contest, before you pay anything.

How many Logo designs should I expect in my contest?

On average 100 designs are submitted for a logo design contest. However, you are more than likely to get more if you raise the prize amount.

How long will it take to get the source files, after I choose a winner?

After you've chosen a winner, the designer has 24 hours to send you the source files. In the unlikely event that you do not receive the source files in this time, please contact support.

Can I ask for modifications after I receive the source files?

Absolutely! Most contest holder's take about a week to ask for modifications to their design. Once you are happy with the source files, you can close the contest completely.

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Then you've come to the right place with DesignContest. One of the biggest benefits of crowdsourcing is the amount of choice you will receive with your contest. You can then look through to find elements or entire designs that catch your eye.

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