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As seen on As seen on

Our new brand name is trackforce. We are a software company that provides web and mobile applications. Our software helps companies track their workforce and enables the employees to communicate progress on their daily tasks, through mobile devices. ...

350 Completed on: 22 July 14 478
Bardic Hypnosis LLC

My quest is to restore the passion in your life. Utilizing hypnosis and other tools, I inspire clients to live as their own glorious true self. The design I really want is a silhouette of someone holding a sword up with a sunset behind them. My be...

223 Completed on: 22 July 14 15

We were not receiving what we were asking for so I am changing the description of the project. I have uploaded two files. You will see one with a Crest of some Sort and another with an oval shaped pin with dogs in the field. What we want for you to d...

331 Completed on: 21 July 14 138
Pear Drop Occasions

At Pear Drop Occasions we supply candy carts along with props, decorations, and favours. We do, weddings mainly, but also, birthdays, baby showers, basically any kind of party. We would like the design to use the the 'P' and the 'D' and/or the '...

223 Completed on: 21 July 14 193
Undercover Assessor

I'm looking for a logo for my new business. Imagine an assessor going Undercover to assess hotels, bars, restaurants, theme parks, cinemas, libraries and all other venues for their friendliness for all different types of people. Such people as fa...

223 Completed on: 20 July 14 38

Scooter, Motorcycle spare and racing parts shop. Logo should be in blue, withe and red color. Just like the french tricolor.

223 Completed on: 18 July 14 88

Rouche is an abaya brand founded by two young ladies in Dubai. The brand is aiming to target youngsters with classy yet trendy designs. Rouche means a strip of of pleated or frilled lawn, lace, etc used to decorate blouses, dresses, etc or worn a...

288 Completed on: 17 July 14 62
Nan & Company Properties

We wont this to be VERY simple and elegant. The simpler the better. We would like the logo to have the name Nan & Co. Properties

288 Completed on: 15 July 14 278
Easy Learnin'

We are an online learning design, development and delivery company. Our goal is to provide an avenue for small and medium size businesses to get online learning to their employees easily and quickly. I'd like a logo that includes our company na...

223 Completed on: 14 July 14 29

This is a new retail store for clothes, with brands like Diesel, Dr.denim, mbym and nudiejeans.. Target customers are aged 15-30++

253 Completed on: 13 July 14 55
Market Street Writers

UPDATE: I'd like to see some more contemporary looking ideas like #1 and #22. I am feeling torn about moving more toward the historic feel or the contemporary/creative one, and I'd like more to choose from so I can make my decision! Anyone want to ta...

250 Completed on: 12 July 14 142

We are professional lighting company that provide services such as residential lighting, commercial lighting (shopping centers, malls etc) and each year we build a one mile drive through light show that is synchronized to music. We are looking to hav...

223 Completed on: 10 July 14 86

CadaTV provides Spanish language television shows, movies, and live events to audiences globally. CadaTV is looking for a new logo design that can give the impression of advanced technology, global reach, and vast selection of contents. ...

300 Completed on: 9 July 14 231
The Happy Bag

The Happy Bag is a fun and young store (mini market) ideal for emergency and immediate purchases with a speedy check out for customers. It provides a limited amount of high quality merchandise and it is mainly located in residential streets and it...

244 Completed on: 9 July 14 62

BeanZ is a new young & hip brand that sells a range of trendy bean bag products. Comfort and quality are the key notions. Less is more! All bean bags are produced in Thailand, and BeanZ guarantees an honest price for both its costumers and its employ...

244 Completed on: 9 July 14 54
JR Property Consultants

i want the logo to look almost identical to the one i uploaded…..just change it a little bit….i don't want a completely different logo

244 Completed on: 8 July 14 105
The Opportunity Divide Project

The objective of the Opportunity Divide Project is to help bridge the gap for anyone that has a dream or passion they are pursuing, where money is their biggest hurdle. Financial support is awarded through an application process and awards are distr...

853 347
Paragon Tap & Table

Craft Beer focused Restaurant clean, crisp. modern Tap related.. Inventive food menu, gastropub concept Chopped Champion chef Wood interior, more modern than gastropub. not rustic simple with blackboards and speakeasy type art we also like the...

268 116
Altered Off-Road Inc.

Design a logo that is draws the eye, and supports the company products and target market Automotive LED Lighting and mounts Off-Road and Diesel Performance markets are the primary markets. Secondary is fleet and construction industries.

288 103

Pixodet is a startup microarray DNA and protein analysis company. DNA and protein analysis involves dropping tiny droplets of solution containing biological materials into spots that are illuminated with a laser and fluoresce different colors. The ...

288 197

Bumble bee bending jail bars? We are a bail bond company... Be creative, and professional. "Get stung? Call now we'll buzz you out!"

266 91
Ice break

This is the second version of the brief, 24-06-2014 updated. We need a logo design for a new mobile app. Its name is Ice break, this app helps people to contact with others they do not know, so that's why the name, ICE BREAK. People will use i...

244 107
Atrian (Health & Wellness at the bottom)

1. Health and Wellness business 2. We want our logo to be the letter "A" shaped like a triangle or the letter "A" inside a triangle. Can be capitalized or not. 3. The name Atrian is derived from a star from the Triangulum constellation. The tri...

223 105

SanderMan delivers software as a service. Our tag line below the name is "Human Asset Solutions". Human Asset Management implies that people in a company are regarded as the true assets – determining the success of the company. Using traditi...

400 70

We are in need of a logo for our new company. Freshtalent is a direct marketing company based in the Netherlands. We are a company that needs to attract young people. Our company is a direct dialogue marketing company that specialized in direct-sales...

223 187
Window Solutions of Houston

Design new brand image for an established, turn key window covering services provider specialing in blinds, shutters, shades, window film and more… Subordinate "of Houston" to "Window Solutions" NOTE: On going tweaks will be requested wherev...

223 Completed on: 22 July 14 285
ZI Machine

(Update: Hi, My apologies this, but unfortunately, the client has decided they want something based on their old logo. I don't agree as it is really bad, but I will have to show them something. I have loaded a copy of it in this contest for you to se...

288 Completed on: 21 July 14 483
Quality Foods

Quality Foods Update 6/16/14 I uploaded their current logo for reference, see below. They would like a more modern, "modernized" version of this logo. Name will remain the same. The current logo looks very dated and old and they would like to up...

400 Completed on: 21 July 14 170

We need a logo for our new handbag brand. Highlights: #Our brand name is "Kekliq" #"Kekliq" is derived from word "Keklik" #"Keklik" means "Partridge" in Turkish. #Brand slogan will be "Cantada keklik". Slogan will not be visible on the ...

232 Completed on: 20 July 14 83
Bunbury Community Radio

BUNBURY COMMUNITY RADIO - LOGO BRIEF Develop a logo for Bunbury Community Radio, a new FM radio station set to commence broadcasting late in 2014. MANDATORIES The following must be included in the logo. • 103.7fm (*) • Bunbury Communit...

297 Completed on: 19 July 14 121
Redstone Network Consulting Group

Need a dynamic Logo/Wordmark for network consulting firm specializing in route/switch, voice over IP (VoIP), and wireless network management, problem resolution, and customized design and installation for small and enterprise size business. Prefer...

350 Completed on: 17 July 14 283
The Law Offices of Kell A. Simon

a logo for a new solo practitioner law firm. here are some websites whose designs/logos i like: (I LOVE THIS WEBSITE) Also ...

288 Completed on: 15 July 14 218
Fallon Hair Restoration Need logo for new Hair Restoration medical practice in the Portland, Oregon region. Looking for a clean professional design that carries over well to print. Although there are many women who have hair restoration 8-12...

223 Completed on: 15 July 14 81
Huwaids Cheesecake

Huwaids cheesecake is a home-based business that specializes in making an assortment of delicious cheesecakes. Huwaids Cheesecakes is searching for a logo that is fun, inviting, delicious…etc. It should have the name with a slice of cheese cake ...

250 Completed on: 14 July 14 104
Trophy Line Design Group LLC

Simplistic and creatively efficient. Interior Design(creative), and procure/project management(efficiency) company within the hospitality, and healthcare industries. Unparallelled client support... Undiscovered interior design....

223 Completed on: 13 July 14 27
Destination Broadway

We are a one week musical theater intensive for ages 8-18 held each summer in NYC. Our students must audition and come from all over the country. Classes are taught by Broadway professionals and include vocal, acting, and dance. We teach life skil...

301 Completed on: 10 July 14 185
Performance Diesel Engineering, LLC

Logo design that is somewhat simple and not truly automotive looking.......not cartoony. Would like to show the level of professionalism that we operate at. We lead at expert level diesel diagnostics and repair. We add efficiency and performance i...

266 Completed on: 10 July 14 53
BIS Academy

I am re branding our Youth Indoor / Outdoor Soccer Club. This club is part of the existing business "Boulder Indoor Soccer". I would like the logo to look similar to the logo attached. I want customers to recognize that it is a Boulder Indoor Socce...

223 Completed on: 9 July 14 30
High Meadows Farm

I would like to create a farm logo as a gift for my mother. She has a small farm in Rhode Island where she breeds labrador Retrievers, Dutch Warmblood horses The horses are primarily used for the Sport of Dressage so if a full body of the horse is u...

223 Completed on: 9 July 14 29
Stark Aviation

Helicopter sales company

223 Completed on: 9 July 14 130

We produce and distribute a high end drink for a better health, diet, and fitness. our Drink will be sold in a 750ml bottle (see picture) with a gold closure. We are looking for a high end Logo design which mostly will be used in print media an...

223 173
Challenger Partners LLC

We are an (SWD) Salt Water Disposal Operator Targeting the Oil and Gas Industry.

244 13
Momentum Project Group

Logo Design incorporating name. Addition of a Pictorial Mark or Emblem. More Emphasis on "Momentum Project", less on "group". Our company works in the Property Development/Construction Management/Project Management fields.

223 46
Chinatown Neighborhood Access Point

The Chinatown Neighborhood Access Point is a non profit job center. It is a project of Self-Help for the Elderly, a non-profit in San Francisco. We do employment training and assist job seekers to find work. The initials CNAP are not particularly ...

223 67
Little Human Designs

Little Human Designs is a children's clothing and accessories company. We make mostly boy's vests and bow ties but also girl's accessories, hats, burp cloths and other baby items. I would like something playful and possibly incorporating a bow tie an...

223 73
SEMA STUDIO /// Making film

Hello, We need a logo for the company SEMA STUDIO. A company will making film( For example, advertising films, business films and installation films. 3D animation,live production... The logo should look modern, be good for use on a website and ...

248 146
Team Zee

Personal training and run coaching business. Aimed at people that are already running and looking to take the next step.

223 93
Armor Guys

Our company is a new comer in the safety product distribution in USA. We are already present on European market and Asian under different names. Our mission is to distribute in USA safety equipment for workers, such as protective gloves, helmets,...

331 109

Update.. Please write ice pops and not ice pop's for all designs... Also we would like to see a bit more sophistication since our product will be in a higher price segment then normal ice pops. Thank you We are a young food Startup producing ...

223 284
Haystack recruitment

My company is a technical recruitment / headhunting firm focused on higher level and management positions in the technical field. Haystack stands for finding the needle in the haystack. This doesn't have to be in the logo since the name itself alr...

244 108

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Wendy Foster
Wendy Foster

Designs: 181    Paid: $223

The designers were professional, creative and easy to work with, the price was fair and I had my new logo in less than a week.
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Wendy Foster

Design contest made it simple and efficient to get my logo designed just the way I envisioned! The designers were professional, creative and easy to work with, the price was fair and I had my new logo in less than a week. I will definitely be using design contest in the future.

Designs submitted
Barnaby Andersun
Barnaby Andersun

Designs: 409    Paid: $425

Support is top notch. I have ran several contests with Designcontest and will continue to have more contests through them.
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Barnaby Andersun

Great contest and the designer was very good to work with, Great design. Designcontest is a superb place to find a logo design. Support is top notch. I have ran several contests with Designcontest and will continue to have more contests through them.

Designs submitted
Casey Newton
Casey Newton

Designs: 233    Paid: $310

We LOVE our design. Branding is so vital and we couldn't have made a better choice than to try
Learn more about the client

Casey Newton was so easy and the customer service was fantastic. is a fabulous option if you want fast results and more choices, all at an affordable price. I also love that it is also good for the designer AND the contest holder. I would highly recommend it to both!

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How much does an average Logo Design package cost?

The average amount paid by a client for a logo design contest is $290. This includes both the designer payout and our commission & handling.

What are the fees for running a Logo Design contest?

The fees for running any contest vary depending on the category; the package you choose; the duration of your contest and the upgrades you choose. You will be able to see how your money is divided into prize money and fee amount when you're setting up a contest, before you pay anything.

How many Logo designs should I expect in my contest?

On average 100 designs are submitted for a logo design contest. However, you are more than likely to get more if you raise the prize amount.

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After you've chosen a winner, the designer has 24 hours to send you the source files. In the unlikely event that you do not receive the source files in this time, please contact support.

Can I ask for modifications after I receive the source files?

Absolutely! Most contest holder's take about a week to ask for modifications to their design. Once you are happy with the source files, you can close the contest completely.

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Then you've come to the right place with DesignContest. One of the biggest benefits of crowdsourcing is the amount of choice you will receive with your contest. You can then look through to find elements or entire designs that catch your eye.

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