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DesignContest is a community shaped by the joint efforts of talented, skilled graphic designers and clients looking for quality design. As a designer, you'll have the opportunity to participate in design contests, win prize money, expand and display your portfolio, and practice your skill! Competing in design contests creates healthy competition, forces you to push the limits, and create unique and innovative designs.

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What our designers say


Entries: 685    Wins: 18

I really feel that this is a place where designers' talent are fully triggered for the client. You (the client) are our priority!


Entries: 562    Wins: 13 has helped me grow in a creative and exciting way, and I continue to welcome the new challenges that each contest brings. The support of the administration and there guidelines really look out for the interests of both the designer AND the contest holders.


Entries: 528    Wins: 9

I have been working as a web designer for long, and never had the chance to learn Logo design, but thanks to Design Contest, Who gave me that Honor of getting inside Graphic design world and to create logos that art being used on World Wide Companies. Thank you!

How do designers make money?

1.By participating in Design Contests. The winner of the contest is chosen by the contest holder (client) and the full prize is awarded to the winning designer. Clients also have an ability to purchase other non-winner designs in the contest for $99 USD.

2. One-on-One Projects. Get hired directly by the client. Every designers profile has large "Hire" button which clients can select when they want to hire and work directly with specific designer.

Our top 5 designers are always featured on the homepage with the Hire buttons. So get your rankings up to get onto the homepage and earn clients business.

3. Graphic Designs Store (coming very soon). Designers can create and sell their artwork through our store. Designers will even be able to name their own price for some of their design pieces.


When you're a designer at, you will be part of the proud community of designers, you will be competing in professional contests against other qualified and talented designers. We value the originality and efforts of our designers and our dedicated support staff continually monitor each and every entry to ensure the integrity of our site, our designers, and your entries. stands by its quality of work delivered like no other crowdsource site out there!

How do I get Paid?

After the contest holder has approved your source files and closed the contest, the prize money will automatically be sent to the finance board in your Control Center. You can then make a payout request, choosing one of our payment options (i.e. Paypal, Western Union, Moneybookers). Money will then be released to you on Wednesday evening (Eastern Standard Time).