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Genetic Engineering software use by university labs, research institutes, hospitals and pharmaceuticals

397 Completed on: 27 August 14 30
ErvisCode, LLC

ErvisCode, LLC is a start up company, being operated out of our home. We offer Medical Coding Services. This website is basically an online brochure for our new company.

847 51

Needed redesign of the existing web-site Main goal is renovation. We want a completely new look, although all the information blocks should remain (without reprogramming). ZdorovieNacii is a name of a private clinic (translated...

398 29

We are a yarn webshop, and are in a prosess where we are working on a new shop in prestashop. For this we need a design for Our page. This is the URL: What we want: -modern, minimal, userfriendly, "harmony". Dont want to be a typ...

400 103
Esca Global Corporation AS

Esca Global Corporation AS is a Norwegian Company providing patented Technology and Products for the global fishing industry. We are marketing and selling Our Products through resellers globally. We will now set up a New website, and would be ...

919 74
Institute of Computer Science - Czech Republic

MINIMUM DESIGN REQUIREMENTS: - it is a REDESIGN project - dont use more content than is currently available - we are looking for light professional design - fill the design with content from english version of the site - dont use anything else - ...

601 53
Mall Website Redesign

We need to (re)design the main page for the website of a premium class shopping mall. The theme is 'spring-summer', the corporate color is blue. Below is the link to how the website looks now. For more info about the page, see the description bel...

400 15
Clarke Griffin, LLC

We need a front page for our website that appears modern (advanced) and progressive. We want to be known for using technology in providing legal services. We are increasing our work in international dispute resolution, with an emphasis on China. F...

400 13

I forgot to tell little bit more about our company! 2ctrl AB is a distributor who distributes automation products. In our portfolio we have 15 different brands. We sell Lighting control system, HVAC control system, KNX, Z-wave, Audio and video di...

800 124
Homepage Design / Dashboard Design / Campaign Page

Equity Crowd-funding website needs a modern design.

700 67

Jobileo ( will be a social network that helps people share ideas. The network works in a hierarchical manner; each member can add members to their network by having them subscribe as their "sponsoree". Ideas are auctioned out and can be b...

850 86

Social Media Marketing service provider. Facebook likes, twitter followers, youtube views etc.

400 34
Goo Run Website

The Goo Run is an run that utilizes slime during the event.

700 29
Nudge Psychological Assessment & Consulting

Nudge Psychological Assessment & Consulting is a Psychology and Counselling practice based in a coastal region. Our practice ethos is based on the delivery of high quality, evidence based interventions, provided in a warm and respectful interpersona...

550 38
Render Monsters website and portal user design

Hi , i plan to launch new website work in 3D rendering i need powerful website design also i will need to portal user area like you can register and see portal user note : we need design in 2 language Arabic and english

400 11
Digi Stamp Site Redesign

We are looking to update the look of We'd like to add more imagery with an inviting, engaging look and feel, while providing easy navigation between sections. Winning designer may be asked to engage in future projects.

400 50
Crosswind Website

This contest is about designing a website for our new company Crosswind. We have uploaded a logo which must be part of the website. All of the remaining requirements / hints are provided as visual mindmap.

400 52
Slot Play Coupons website update

We would like to refresh the design of our site without changing much of the functionality. sells coupons for casino deals, often for increase slot play value or meal or hotel deals. We do not want gaming themed elements...

420 17

Hi! I am looking for a website for a company that provides smart (automated) trays to hotels for their guest rooms. These automated trays provide either just water or water and other beverages and snacks. sales are automatically posted to the hotels ...

550 20

Low Intensity Vibration Therapy Device primarily targeted to seniors. When muscle activity declines with age, its role in assisting blood flow and bone generation is compromised. By using state-of-the-art LIV Therapy vibrations to gently stimulate ...

618 25
Stairway Business Consulting

Company is a consulting firm specializing in business start-up and business development. Multi-pronged approach - inspire, teach, guide, implement, support. Vision: Our vision is to be the world’s foremost resource for managing business evoluti...

400 41
Law Firm Website

I am a criminal defense and a personal injury law firm. I need a strong page that will grab the attention of visitors to my site. I want my homepage to be visually appealing that doesn't look like some website that someone designed in their spare-tim...

419 9
good life redesign

Main problem is that the menu bar and the side bar's green color make it hard to read words and words are small. Overall, i want the main page to look more modern and simpler, yet more professional. We are going to upload a lot of videos, audios ...

400 99
Ebay Listing Design

We require an eBay listing to be designed, this is promoting one product on the page, this design needs to heavily promote the product and make our product stand out as the best solution. Please find attached details of all that we require.

400 9
SLT Solar Lighting

SLT - Solar Lighting Towers, A company offering alternative lighting solutions to the Mining, Construction, Oil & Gas sectors. Products offered are an Eco friendly substitute providing savings on expensive fuel and electricity costs whilst leaving...

400 59
Midwest Rodeo Entries

We are looking to update our existing site to something more compliant and mobile friendly. We just need the html/css, all code-behind ( will be re-used or redone by us. The template needs to be fast and responsive, even for viewer on l...

397 23

WEinternship is a reliable internship management hub for everyone. WEinternship unmatched recruitment service is missioned to provide communication platform that facilitate full mobility within the job market allowing corporates and students to inter...

697 74
Backyard Harvest website

Backyard Harvest is an Organic Produce Gardening Service. The business is similar to a Landscaping, Lawn Care Service, but we exclusively design, build, and maintain raised bed, organic, produce gardens for our customers in their yard, for their cons...

789 86
Career Fair Plus

Need a design of a customer portal that uses the same look and feel as our public site and based on a rough wireframe we have created.

397 14
Fire Arms Eccomerce Website

We are in the firearms industry and are looking for a sleek, clean but professional design that will gear towards the firearms industry. Our service provides for users to shop for firearms via our eCommerce website.

547 28 web-site redesign

An almost ready site needs redesigning! The web-site was built on a template and then changed in many aspects. Therefore it lost its integrity (solidity). We now need a unique, modern style. The Logo is ready (see attachement). Rentalina is a...

658 61

Do not touch main site version (no remaking up in pages for adaptive design), we've dicided to make separate mobile version. The final specification Develop a mobile version design for site on the basis of existing "desktop" version...

1010 30

Pro Turf Lawn Management LLC We need a nice website made. Nothing to in depth but a very professional website. 4 pages or so should be plenty. Lawn fertilizing and weed control company. OUR SPECIALTY We are based out of jefferson city mo ...

700 70

We are looking for the redesign of the website page layout. We want to create 1 page initially, and the chosen designer will complete the whole (7, etc page) website with us. The site is already programmed. This is an Entertainment voting website ...

400 28
Car Part Website Design

Website will be selling vehicle repair parts, our parts are an improvement over flawed designed vehicle manufacturer parts, fitting our parts saves the consumer vast expense at a main dealer and cures the common fault with their vehicle. The parts we...

550 38

We are seeking a 'creative genius' to design our new website. We are seeking someone with experience and great attention to detail. Every pixel matters to us and it should to you as well. We care about the color scheme, style of fonts used in H1, H2,...

488 27

I built, but I don't really know anything about design. Basically, I'd like the page to look more professionally designed, cooler, while maintaining somewhat of the general look I was going for. Most important is redesigning the si...

400 27
Website Design for Financial Institute

I am looking for a talented graphic designed who can design us a website for a financial service provider (investment banking, loan funding, etc.). Most importantly, the design has to have a trustworthy, professional and clean appearance. I value nic...

450 135
Web development firm

Web design for a web development firm. See detailed description in the attachment. Remember to keep the design in the same style and colors as the logo. Be creative and break the boundaries. The firm is not looking for an average design but somet...

500 41
Advokatfirmaet Gabriel

I run a new small Danish law firm with 3 employees. Both private and corporate law. I need a strong page that will grab the attention of visitors to my site. I want my homepage to be visually appealing that doesn't look like some website that someone...

400 44
Contemporary yet elderly-friendly web-site

We are a union of churches (called "Pastoral Raum") which is sharing a web-site together. There is a shared homepage which lists all the churches and offers general information about the site. Each church has then an own page which contains informati...

575 50
Consulting Firm Needs Website Design and Coding

Home Page, About Us, Safety Service, Culture, and Contact are the pages we would like designed. The website is going to be static, no merchant services are needed, and we would like to have the ability to change wording and content fairly easily. ...

1000 6
Web design for NEW

We require a minimalist, professional looking web design for a new job listing website; ‘Black County Jobs’, using the address For context, the Black Country is a specific region of the West Midlands in the UK, enco...

550 59
Fifth Wall Records Web Design

We are an independent record label called Fifth Wall Records, and we need a simple one-page design with the following attributes: - Fifth Wall logo, top and centered. - Each piece of album art, in a grid. - Hovering over a piece of art would bri...

400 57
New website for MiniHydro AS

MiniHydro AS is a Norwegian Company supplying electromechanical equipment to small and medium sized hydropower plants. The Company was founded in 2003. Up to now it has supplied Equipment to more than 20 hydropower plants. The site should consist o...

1072 128

shopping website for dietary supplements for pets

400 57
Ebay Listing Design

We require an eBay listing to be designed, this is promoting one product on the page, this design needs to heavily promote the product and make our product stand out as the best solution. Please find attached details of all that we require.

400 12
Fun Association Website

The International Frozen Yogurt Association, the first frozen yogurt trade association, needs a website. The association’s goals are to promote the quality and success of the frozen yogurt industry and to build a frozen yogurt community. The IFYA h...

850 37

Innotis is a non profit organization in charge of some open source and collaborative projects, around consumer electronics and Web technologies.

400 9
Complete website design

A complete website design for an alcohol ready to drink vodka cocktail "Modern Martini". A splash page, content, and art work is available. The splash will be the start of the theme, and we are looking for a great web site designer to help carrier ...

400 33

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Wendy Foster
Wendy Foster

Designs: 181    Paid: $223

The designers were professional, creative and easy to work with, the price was fair and I had my new logo in less than a week.
Learn more about the client

Wendy Foster

Design contest made it simple and efficient to get my logo designed just the way I envisioned! The designers were professional, creative and easy to work with, the price was fair and I had my new logo in less than a week. I will definitely be using design contest in the future.

Designs submitted
Barnaby Andersun
Barnaby Andersun

Designs: 409    Paid: $425

Support is top notch. I have ran several contests with Designcontest and will continue to have more contests through them.
Learn more about the client

Barnaby Andersun

Great contest and the designer was very good to work with, Great design. Designcontest is a superb place to find a logo design. Support is top notch. I have ran several contests with Designcontest and will continue to have more contests through them.

Designs submitted
Casey Newton
Casey Newton

Designs: 233    Paid: $310

We LOVE our design. Branding is so vital and we couldn't have made a better choice than to try
Learn more about the client

Casey Newton was so easy and the customer service was fantastic. is a fabulous option if you want fast results and more choices, all at an affordable price. I also love that it is also good for the designer AND the contest holder. I would highly recommend it to both!

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Website Design questions we often get

What do most Contest Holders spend on a Website Design contest?

The amount you will want to pay depends on the amount of pages you need. For a simplistic website design contest (i.e. one webpage), most contest holder's pay between $499 and $550. This includes both the designer’s prize money and the Design Contest fees for commission and handling.

What if I want more than one webpage or a more complex design?

No problem. We advise that you add $150 for each extra page you need. There is an option to do this whilst you’re setting up your contest.

What if I need coding as well as the design?

We have a partner company of developers who can help you with that. To receive a quote, please contact our support team.

How many website designs can I expect during the contest?

This will vary, mainly depending on the designer's payout. In an average contest, you can expect between 25 and 50 designs depending on the complexity of your design brief.

What if the design I want as my winner needs more modifications?

Once your winner uploads the source files to your contest page, you can post comments asking for more modifications. The designer will then keep reuploading the source files until you are happy with the final designs. This usually takes 7 days.

Once I've paid, how long before my contest is open to the designers?

Usually your website design contest will be live as soon as DesignContest receives your payment. If there are any problems, please contact us at or call us toll free on 1888 906 1888.

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