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We have already made a post concerning George Bokhua’s logos. Today we want to present another collectiom of logos and marks created by this unbelievable artist. George Bokhua has a peculiar unforgettable manner and style.

This time we have chosen mostly animal artworks for you. Enjoy!

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Say it with color

Maria Gronlund is Danish graphic designer. Maria’s everyday motto is “Color my day”. That’s why she is fond of creating  modest but colorful logos.

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“Ghost” button – that also can be called “naked”, “empty” or “hollow” – represents a basic shape with a transparent background that is delineated with a help of a solid border that is usually incredibly thin.  Ghost button is the biggest trend of 2014 that nobody expected. These buttons are often larger than traditional clickable buttons on websites and are placed in notable places, such as the center of the screen. See some examples of ghost buttons used on different websites
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George Bokhua is considered to be a master of tiny logos, icons and marks. In spite of small size, some of his designs are detailed enough.

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From A to Z logos

See the collection of Alphabet logos from A to Z. The first letter of company name is often used as a starting position for creating logos. There is a wide range of possibilities to operate with style, starting with color and finishing with unusual letter depiction. Enjoy!

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Cat logos

Can you find something mystique about cats? What can you feel when you see cat logos? Cats are associated with intelligence, strength, independence, royalty, playfulness and home comfort. See some cat-inspired serious or funny logos below

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We have made several facebook posts some time ago concerning negative space in logos.

Here are some another examples of negative space for your inspiration.

These tiny pictures were created by George Bokhua
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Several weeks ago Youth Affairs Federal Agency has announced the logo design contest for main Russian youth forum “Селигер”. All information and requirements to future logo were at first published on where the organizers declared a prize of 50000 rubles for the winner.

Design Contest designers have also participated in this competition and have been very active in designing. has got an intermediate stage of the competition with separate usual prize of $223. The best designs were sent to «Селигер-2014»  forum competition commision.

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Every business starts with inherent attributes such as mission, slogan, logo, company color scheme, etc. All this components form company image and settle subconsciously in clients’ minds.
Company logo itself is not a brand yet. But it is a link to client’s loyalty and strong instrument of the client brand perception management. We all got used to idea that company logo should fit several criteria in order to be eye-catching and that is completely true. Attractive, nice, specificity-transmitting logo is a starting point for company targeted on capturing in clients’ memory.

Modern world has accumulated many developments in many areas of human life. Psychology helps the company marketing specialists in better understanding of its clients. Constantly developing technological sciences allow creating and implementing interesting ideas including eye-catching graphics.
Using the best technical tools together with psychological concepts prompted the creation of atypical logos adaptively matching modern needs and level of development.

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