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Our wall is getting better and better with images pined. See our next poll :)

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We have already written about using negative space in logo design.  Process of creating such logos is not easy. It requires brilliant idea, logical concept and perfect execution.

See another bundle of such logos in this post.

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We got a new tasty and colorful  logo on our wall! So, another step to walls, paved with images, is made! :)

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Dragon Logos

A dragon is a fantasy creature that is popular in several civilizations around the world. In many cultures dragons are viewed as representing the primal forces in nature and the universe. Dragon logo designs are seen on Chinese and Japanese dinning establishments. See some beautiful Dragon logos

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Yep! We got the second vivid and bright design on our office wall! Thank you!

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Today’s our post will be about food and drinks incorporated in different companies’ logos. Say “yum yum” and enjoy!

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Decorating office. Poll #2

Hi there!

Last week we have started our office decorating campaign. Thank you for participating! Here is our Poll #2
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Hi there! We invite you to help us in decorating our office. Every week we will show you some winning designs of previos week contests. We will offer you weekly polls and you can give your votes for certain design. The winning designs of such polls will be printed and we will hang them on our office walls. Here is the 1st poll we offer you.
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Logos with Cars

Here is a collection of logos containing cars. Hope that car fans will like it. Cheers!

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This week winners, June,25

Here are some winners of this week. Hope such posts will be usefull in taking a decision of one-on-one projects
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