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Ball Hog

T-Shirt logo for left chest. "Ball Hog" with a soccer ball incorporated possibly. This shirt is a reward for meeting goals and should have an "accomplished / cocky" feel.

200 Completed on: 7 April 14 25
Mosigra Game Shop | Мосигра

We ( are a company that sells board games, toys, gizmos and gimmicks of all sorts, holds private and corporate gaming events, and we're looking for a new awesome t-shirt design. There are two design options to consider: 1. T-shirt ...

150 56

I need logos done for my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/Street Wear T-Shirt Brand. The name is AKACHI and will need the whole name and a smaller logo with the use of the color blue as the main color.

150 25
Euro Laguna Marble Inc.

Create a design for our company T shirt. Our company fabricates and installs marble and granite. Our website is and phone number is 714-491-1999 which we would like some where on the shirt

150 16
College T-shirt for Marketing

Apartment community looking for t-shirt to be given out and worn by students on campus. Design will be chosen based on the following: 1. Creativity 2. College appeal 3. Outside of the box -- not just another logo'd tee. 4. Does it stand out in ...

205 48
Fight Nights

***** WE HAVE INCREASED PRIZES ******* ******* We are offering top3 prizes - Gold-$450, Silver-$150, Bronze-$100 ******* ***** UPDATE ****** You have tried to use people, boxers on t-shirts. Please, try do not to use them. We would like to se...

700 176
Warning against human implantable microchip

What I want: A t-shirt design with text and artwork. Like a Logotype. Important: Things to have in the design is The name "Verichip" and "Revelation 13:16 - 13:18" Colors: Full color. The design is going to be printed with CMYK. Exampel: A...

200 37
ICT Company

Our organization has recently developed a new vision statement. As part of the launch of this new vision we will be providing employees with a t-shirt. This contest is specifically for the design of the t-shirt. Design requirements: The T-shirt...

323 53
Positive Influence - Never Give Up

Positive Influence is a new t-shirt brand expressing inspirational sayings like "Never Give Up" where the graphic design is created upside down so only the customer wearing the shirt can see this message. Two age groups 15 to 35 (max colors 3) and o...

150 39
BAND MERCH SHIRT & ZIP UP is the band's website, where you can hear samples of their songs and gain ideas and inspiration from their style of music. They are looking for : a) T-shirt & Zip-up unisex designs for screen printing b) Vector arts & J...

150 32
Boys Shirts Label

Hello we wanted to a Neck label designed for our Boys Clothing/Shirts Brand is called "Torque" As it is a neck print or a woven label it needs to be in single color. thanks

150 47
Wilderness Athlete T-Shirt

WE WILL PURCHASE MULTIPLE DESIGNS IF WE GET GREAT ONES :) We are looking for a very cool t-shirt to add to our store. Our brand makes nutritional products for outdoor athletes. Our customers are hunters, backpackers, mountain bikers, snowboarders,...

201 90
Movie Theater Shirt and Cap

We'd like a fun, edgy t-shirt and baseball cap design that will appeal to males and females equally. Age target is 12-45. We don't want the shirt and hat to look cheap, yet are mindful of cost. Please keep that in mind when designing. Must be...

411 58
Rainbow Charters Tournament Team

Long Sleeve T shirt for a Shark Tounament fishing Team Rainbow Charters Orient, NY Tournament Team 2011 Star Island Mako/Thresher Mania - Winner Heaviest Mako 2012 Star ISland Mako/Thresher Mania - $5000 Calcutta Winner Looking for mo...

150 38
InMotion Hosting T-Shirts

InMotion Hosting is proud to have just launched a new website that shows off the brand we have been building for the last 10+ years in a major way. We need some awesome t-shirts to go along with the new design. Our only requirements are: - Our log...

300 78
CrossFit Garden City

We wold like a Tshirt designed for our CrossFit Gym. We have had 3 other designs in the past, but are ready for a new look for our apparel. We want something simple that can go on a light or dark colored Tshirt. The Tshirt should have front and ba...

400 112
Photographers tshirt

i would like a design for a photographers tshirt. the design should be along the lines of the eat sleep seriers. I would like it to be eat sleep shoot and or shoot edit print

150 59

this is a t-shirt contest for an underground lable. the main theme is: "reset." the target audience is for fashion-conscious, great value on quality and like to have shirts that not everyone has. the brandname "RESET" can be part of the design but ...

201 41
No more Bullying!

October is National Bullying Prevention Month Designcontest invites you to create a T-Shirt design to support "stomp out bullying" We want this to be an original design, not copied from any source. Create a design you would or your friends...

275 202
Stevens & Dillinger Physical Therapy Specialists

We need a t-shirt design for a sports/orthopedic physical therapy clinic. Our clinic slogan is "Get back in the game...Get back into Life." We are wanting a professional looking t-shirt that goes along with that slogan. We primarily work with orth...

271 44
Software AG Corporate Marketing

We'd like to create an edgy, cool t-shirt design that goes with our company slogan 'get there faster'. Software AG is all about our customers seeing results with our products. We want our customers to experience fast and quantifiable results. We do n...

401 163
US Flag/Bill of Rights t-shirt design

This design will be the text of the US Bill of Rights in the shape of a flag with the colors of the US flag overlayed onto the text. The font should be Jefferson or another that closely resembles the font used in the actual Bill of Rights. It will mo...

150 49
Hines Park CrossFit 9/11 Memorial Competition

Hines Park CrossFit is holding a competition to raise money for a local fireman who died recently of cancer. He left behind two children and a wife as well as mounting medical bills. This is our second annual event and we want it to be special. On...

227 12
007 Casino Royale

We would like to make an anniversary shirt based on the Casino Royale 007 theme and offer it as a gift to our employees. We already have our company logo, but we need to incorporate it into our shirt somehow.

250 3
Logo for Print Tshirts & Web

We need a logo that is simple but incredibly kool. Something marketable, something we can print on t shirts. this contest is open to all registered members of before you submit your entry to the contest, do read

250 39
Fisher House Foundation

This contest offers prize to 3 winners! 1st place $401.00 2nd place $150.00 3rd place $100.00 Create your best designs! Fisher House is a "comfort home" at military and Veterans hospitals, providing a quality place for families of i...

651 557
369th Harlem Hellfighters

We need a high impact design that incorporates our unit history with an aggressive modern look. The 369th is the most decorated Army unit of World War 1. 2014 marks the 100th year anniversary of World War 1. We are looking for a design that will show...

170 36

We want a contemporary t-shirt design that will promote our website and products it sells, The T-shirts will be printed by "Digital Direct To Document" process. Do not put jigsaw related items on the design as we do not sel...

150 46
Super Performance Centre

We need a membership t-shirt that stands out, is simple and reflects what we do. We want some images, outlines or figures of gymnasts, acrobats and circus. Our kids are going to wear these and we want these to stand out. Whilst our logo is important,...

362 80
EuroMaidan, #Евромайдан (Ukrainian Protestors, Non-Profit) T...

We are a non-profit organization supporting the people of Ukraine in a current nationwide protest known as EuroMaidan aimed at denouncing the government of President Yanukovich who called off the vital agreement with EU, and ordered the riot police t...

150 91
Лаборатория танца (Dancelab)

Dancelab first in Nizhny Novgorod dance studio with a scientific approach to learning. We teach street dance: Locking, Hip Hop, Breaking, House, Waacking, Krump. We want to give our dancers were awesome t-shirts with our logo. The idea can ...

150 15
Compression Sleeve Design

Needed is a full graphic design for compression sleeves. We will begin producing these for sale to kids 5yrs old and up as well as adults. The compression sleeves fit on sports players arms (from wrist to mid-bicep)and need to be designed to be wor...

314 74

This is going to be a fashion garment, so it needs to be pleasing to the eye. we need a very bold T Shirt that incorporates the text GIVE IT ALL TO ME. Want to see as many different ideas as possible - graphic tees, backgrounds, noise, striking fonts...

150 41
Cool giveaway T-shirt

I´m a contractor in the facade/sandblasting/heavy duty-cleaning business. Now and then I hand out T-shirts to clients/potential clients. The design should be cool, and does not necessary incorporate our logo, I want my clients to want to wear it als...

270 35
No Heroes T-Shirt Design

No Heroes ( is an Adult Gaming Community (18+) that focuses on strong team play. We've been around since 2008, and support several team-based online games, such as Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, and Minecraft (just to name a few). What...

150 12
Domino BBQ

Need a shirt for a Rib Shack. We sell the best fries and poutine( combination of fries, gravy, and cheese curds) in Quebec, Le Domino has been around for over 40 years. We have a shack ( no inside seating only picnic tables) that serves the ab...

201 38
Fun & Contemporary T-Shirt Graphics Wanted

I have a women's casual contemporary lifestyle brand and am in need of fun graphics for screen printed t-shirts, tanks & sweatshirts. I am looking for multiple designs even though I am holding 1 contest, I will purchase all designs that I like. Graph...

150 83
2014 Membership Tshirt

We need a t shirt designed for our members. Please read all of the parameters: use of specific colors in our logo, the maximum number of colors is three and any design depicting a tropical bird, mammal or plant must be accurate. Our audience consists...

184 98
Dance T-shirt backdrop designs

Please note that hopefully more designs will be purchased other than the winning design . I require the following ;I WILL BE PURCHASING MORE THAN JUST THE WINNING DESIGN 1.PLEASE NOTE THAT I HAVE MADE A MISTAKE AND I REQUIRE THE DESIGNS TO BE P...

255 63
Neck print

Hello We wanted to design a neck print (label) in single color for a Tee shirt line. name if the Label is What2wear need creative Ideas how to make it look cool.

150 19
CCR T Shirt

We are Chiropractors, but emphasize sports rehab. We are sponsoring sports events and health fairs (5K runs etc) and we are looking for a trendy t shirt to give out to people. Something sporty, contemporary and trendy. I like the "property of" or...

237 43
Bombshell Beer T-Shirt

Looking for a cool, t-shirt for a craft microbrewery named Bombshell Beer. Design needs to be stylish, representing beer or an element of beer such as hops and something that make you create a mental vision of beauty. Not looking for a beer mug. B...

180 34 T-shirt

We want a T-shirt that is great for men and woman, that incorporates the logo and feel, but obviously something that puts our name out there, while giving a lasting impression.

185 57
Ries Well Drilling, Inc.

Water well drilling company needs shirts made that will be worn by employees. Website is Would perfer red or black shirts. Looking for small logo/graphic on front corner, and larger logo/graphic with info on back of shirt...

175 27
iWalk...for Kids Event Shirt

We are looking for a t-shirt design for our inaugural children’s hospital event called iWalk...for Kids. Please check out our website for colors and inspiration: If you would like any of the assets please contact Kari - kcho@m...

230 41
Martial Arts Academy T-shirt design!!!

A silhouette or very close likeness of an iconic T-Pac shot with his backwards bandanna on his head, but the end of the bandanna hanging in front of his face is actually a BJJ black belt with 5 white degrees (stripes) on the red bar. with the wordin...

184 43
Rock Attitude T-Shirt for Anti-Hunger Run

We are looking for a rock and roll ATTITUDE design. Design the front of a hip, cool T-Shirt to be given to teens who partcipate in Food for Orphans' Anti-Hunger Runs across the USA. Check out We want the shirt to appeal to toda...

153 92
Teen/Young Adult T-Shirt Design

We would like to create a fun and funky t-shirt for teens and young adults that has something to do with our city: Charlotte, North Carolina. Interested in seeing some designs with the area code 704 or the name 704 Clothing, but not every design shou...

150 69
Super Kids Sunday 5k and Fun Run on Super Bowl Sunday

We are holding a Super Bowl Sunday family 5k and Fun Run. There will be a health, excercise and nutrition fair and the event is being organized by our pediatric residents to bring awareness to the issue of childhood obesity. Funds will help support...

250 7
Driving Strategic Sales

We want a t-shirt that looks modern, trendy and fashionable, something you could see a millionaire/company president/executive wear on the weekend. Our concept is to have a refined, trendy, fashionable "action/tattoo/graffiti/script" design to have ...

400 102

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Wendy Foster
Wendy Foster

Designs: 181    Paid: $223

The designers were professional, creative and easy to work with, the price was fair and I had my new logo in less than a week.
Learn more about the client

Wendy Foster

Design contest made it simple and efficient to get my logo designed just the way I envisioned! The designers were professional, creative and easy to work with, the price was fair and I had my new logo in less than a week. I will definitely be using design contest in the future.

Designs submitted
Barnaby Andersun
Barnaby Andersun

Designs: 409    Paid: $425

Support is top notch. I have ran several contests with Designcontest and will continue to have more contests through them.
Learn more about the client

Barnaby Andersun

Great contest and the designer was very good to work with, Great design. Designcontest is a superb place to find a logo design. Support is top notch. I have ran several contests with Designcontest and will continue to have more contests through them.

Designs submitted
Casey Newton
Casey Newton

Designs: 233    Paid: $310

We LOVE our design. Branding is so vital and we couldn't have made a better choice than to try
Learn more about the client

Casey Newton was so easy and the customer service was fantastic. is a fabulous option if you want fast results and more choices, all at an affordable price. I also love that it is also good for the designer AND the contest holder. I would highly recommend it to both!

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T-Shirt Design questions we often get

Roughly how many designs can I expect in my contest?

In an average contest, you can expect around 75 designs. However, a higher designer payout may increase this amount.

What do Contest Holder's usually pay for a t-shirt contest?

Without any upgrades or add-ons, the average paid is approximately $250 which includes the designer's prize money and the DesignContest fees of commission and handling.

How do I upload files for the designer's to use during my T-Shirt Design contest?

You can upload files to show designer's what you want included on your t-shirt or give them examples of something similar, at any time during the contest. Within your design brief there is an option to upload files for the designers to download during the contest.

What if I like more than one design? Can I have more than one winner?

You can only have one winner but once the contest has ended, there will be an option on each entry to negotiate a price to buy any of the other designs. This is called a one on one project and has less time constraints.

What if I want changes made to the winning design?

After you've received your source files, you can request changes in the same comment area you used during the contest. This area will now be exclusive for you and your winning designer.

When will I get my source files?

Your designer will send over the source files within 24 hours of you making them the winner. Contest Holder's usually take about a week to finalise those source files with their designer.

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