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Customer marianne paid $300,
received 26 designs
from pre-qualified designers.

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Customer Testimonial

Thank you, you have been amazing! X

Designs: 26 Paid: $300 Client: marianne

Contest Brief

Project description

I need the illustration - which appears below - to be slightly altered. I have bought it from and have the licence to use it, but there is a prohibition on using the image as a "logo", which I would like to do.

I need the image to be as near to the one uploaded as possible, with just some changes to avoid copyright issue. I love the elegant, line-drawn effect of the image.

I will be using the image in animation on a website, so may well need to have a multiple versions of it in assorted poses, in order to help the website creators/coders make the image ""walk" across the screen.

I need to be able to use this illustration on websites and on hard copy (eg business cards, letterheads etc), but (despite what is said elsewhere in this Contest), I AM UNAWARE WHAT SIZE IT SHOULD THEREFORE BE IN. Please advise.



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