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Anglican-Catholic Parish Needs Graceful Logo

Customer jbb98m paid $300,
received 89 designs
from 20 pre-qualified designers.

Congratulations to designer manders14 for taking gold!

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Customer Testimonial

I have had a superb experience with and particularly with my final chosen designer Manders14. I was on a limited budget and was nervous and unsure about approaching someone I might find from the yellowpages or on a google search with their own design company. It seemed like too much money to go into something I may or may not like. I also liked the idea of a more democratic approach and receiving multiple entries from which to choose. So I took a chance with DesignContest, assured by their refund guarantee. I have to be honest, I expected more entries that I would like. While there ended up officially being 89 entries, really only about 30 of those were distinct (all the others were variants). And some of them were truly terrible. There were probably only three out of the total number of entries that I would have been OK with. I do, however, recognize the particular challenges of my contest, as it was a church with an unusual and distinctive identity and a picky contest holder (me!). And three designs beats one design from one designer. And one designer just got it from the beginning--manders14. She had a creative idea that I would never have thought of. It captured the feeling and essence of our parish. It was great from the first submission. And she worked with me to get it just how I wanted it. I highly recommend her elegant and stylish designs. Thank you!

Designs: 89 Paid: $300 Client: jbb98m