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Artistic Photography Company Needs Sleek & Simple Design

Customer bphotographyRVA paid $310,
received 530 designs
from 170 pre-qualified designers.

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Customer Testimonial

The contest was great! There were plenty of designers and unique entries so many of them are able to design according to your specifications and I found that their ideas and creativity even improved my design. I ended up with a logo that was better than the basic idea I had imagined. And when I had questions about things I was able to message someone for a quick response or even chat live... sometimes someone was available outside of business hours, which is unheard of for live chatting. I am more than satisfied with the results and I may even use the designer to help me with business cards in the future, another option DC offers!!!

Designs: 530 Paid: $310 Client: bphotographyRVA