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Interesting Bistro & Pub requires fun upbeat yet elegant logo

Customer Ryder paid $223,
received 139 designs
from 40 pre-qualified designers.

Congratulations to designer zounds for taking gold!

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Customer Testimonial

I had a wonderful experience and there were so many wonderful designers. It was a great experience and I have passed the site onto many others that are considering a new logo and website. I have another business that I am starting up so I am interested in having Design Contest host my contest. Thanks to Contest Design support, Sharie Voss for her support as well. She removed my frustrations and made sure that the designer uploaded files I could open and she also made sure that I was happy with the process. Kudo's to you Sharie. Thanks again Design Contest for a wonderful experience. Susan

Designs: 139 Paid: $223 Client: Ryder