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Logo for App seller in the hospitality business

Customer sandercramer paid $223,
received 107 designs
from pre-qualified designers.

Congratulations to designer zerger for taking gold!

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Customer Testimonial

Thanx all, good luck and maybe we meet again in future projects.

Designs: 107 Paid: $223 Client: sandercramer

Contest Brief

Project description

We are entering the hospitality sector and are setting up a product especially for bars, restaurants, café's, hotels etc. Our clients are the owners of these establishments. These owners would buy an application from us.

We have not a good idea yet of what the logo should look like but along the way we will give adequate feedback about the logo's we like. We like the logo to be branche specific. So it could have to do with mobile applications or it could have to do with the hospitality branche or both. We would like the logo to be clean. The name of the company is "Horeca Apps".

Good luck!


Logo will be used on

  • Web
  • Print
  • Promotional Items

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