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Photo Uno basic photography school needs a smart, simple logo design!

Customer photouno paid $400,
received 288 designs
from 87 pre-qualified designers.

Congratulations to designer krisdisk for taking gold!

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Customer Testimonial

I am really pleased with my experience at Design Contest. The whole process, since I started the contest my experience was great and at all times I felt all my questions were answered on time by Customer Center and in a friendly matter. Design Contest team will always be there if you have any questions or doubts. Also, the participation of all the designers is really exciting. Every day you get a better logo. It comes so hard to choose but in the end, there will always be 3 to 5 logos you prefer, among other great ones! My chosen designer was very fast and knew exactly what I wanted. I would recommend this site again! One thing, is that it might a bit complicated the final stage, not in terms of how it is done but in terms of visibility. I would only think about a better way to see the files that are uploaded, you feel a bit "not sure" of what is going on, just because you can't see the files or folder name. Otherwise, all is a great experience!

Designs: 288 Paid: $400 Client: photouno