Do you know how many apps currently exist in the world? While Apple App store can boast about having approximately 2 million apps, Google play has already got more than 2.2 million. These numbers keep increasing in the geometric sequence, causing the highest level of competition on the market imaginable. What’s more, almost 80% of all the apps get deleted after just one use. Which means the saying You’ll never get the second chance to make the first impression refers to new apps as well. How to avoid your app to be deleted after just one shot? How to make sure your app will survive this strongest competition? First and foremost, try to avoid these 5 most irritating things in the mobile app’s design.

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Interface Design

Mistakes you make while designing an interface for your mobile app are crucial and the most significant ones. If you choose a wrong or not convenient interface design, it will impact people’s attitude towards the app and, most likely, your app will get deleted because of it. An interface should be the as simple as it can be; otherwise, it will only confuse its users and none will really want to try figuring out the way it should work; they will simply download a different, simple mobile app with a simple design.

Wrong Colors

There is no denying the fact you want to make your mobile app as beautiful as you can so that it could rivet people’s attention and make them want to work with this app in the future. However, in this wild race for the supremacy in terms of the app design can lead you to choose lots of neon and catchy colors just for the sake of making your mobile app differ. As a result, your users’ eyes will get tired of using the app, they won’t want to risk their health and the most possible scenario, in this case, is that the mobile app will, once again, get deleted.

Animation Of a Poor Quality

This is a really common mistake of those designers who are dreaming of giving the best of the best to their creative app designs. Animation is one of the latest most followed trends, which is why, obviously, it is widely used while designing an app. However, if the animation used for the app design is of a poor quality or, on the contrary, of the highest quality possible, it will slow down the mobile app’s work. The bugs that will come after that will deteriorate the impression even more. Thus, the app will be highly irritating and deleted.

Too Many Patterns

Being unique is great, being the same is too boring. Every second app has got a blue panel with white sans serif typography; every third app has got red banners inside. It’s figurative, of course, but still very close to the truth. If you use those patterns used by your competitors, your product won’t be different, original and appealing to people. It would simply be one of the hundreds and, therefore, it would be highly difficult for you to get endorsed on the market you choose.

Not Responsive, Just Design

The last and biggest problem of every app design nowadays is hidden – surprise, surprise! – in the responsive app design. Though it’s a common truth, there are still designers and mobile app developers who prefer not to notice this trend. Still, it’s not even a trend, for trends in app design come and go but a responsive web design is sort of a common and undeniable trend. Therefore, if the mobile app you design isn’t suitable for every single type of gadget known to the world, you can be sure it is a complete failure, for it will be the most irritating thing possible.

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