5 Controversial UX/UI Trends Predictions 2018

2018 is going to surprise us millions of times. The UX/UI design sphere is no exception. That is when DesignContest has prepared 5 controversial UX/UI design trends for 2018 for you that are going to raise some hype.

5 Tools That Use AI For Design

In 1926, Nikola Tesla predicted that through television and telephony people would be able to see and hear each other as perfectly as if they were face to face despite the distances of thousands miles. In 1935, Nikola Tesla predicted that machines would replace human labor. Every single prediction...

iOS And Android Designer’s Guide: Infographic

iOS and Android differ in everything, starting with their user interfaces. If you’re dealing with a mobile app design, you cannot go far without knowing this difference in the basic user interface for iOS and Android. Keeping that in mind, DesignContest has come up with a very helpful infographic....

Mobile Apps Design Trends 2018

Mobile app design trends for 2018 will amaze you. They are bold and daring but at the same time exquisite and refined. Check out the following trends in mobile app design and get ready to the upcoming changes!

Festive Treats for Halloween: Design Pack

It’s time for a special Halloween treat! DesignContest offers you to take a look at graphic design freebies that will help you to get your mobile app or website ready for the All Hallows’ Eve! Will be of the greatest interest for designers, marketing specialists, and those who run...

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