The wonderful world of film has been enchanting audiences as far back as the days of the production of silent films, such as The Dice Woman, Sunrise, and Outside the Law. From these inspirations the industry has developed rapidly. However, despite the advances in editing powers, special effects, and animation, there still remains a special place in the nostalgic hearts of many for the days of yore—the “good ol’ days” of film. Fortunately, the combination of this sentimental appeal with the current demand for vintage elements in graphic design has resulted in the development of quality fonts by creative think tanks such as Veer. In fact, Veer’s “Filmotype” collection provides graphic designers with a variety of options for any vintage, film-themed needs.


  1. Lasalle: Perfect for vintage-styled sale ads, Laselle is a fun, swirly, cursive font that makes you want to sip sodas while seated on high stools at the corner drug store. This font is versatile enough to be used for the title, body, and subtext/small print of poster.

  3. Ginger Family: Available in two different varieties, the Ginger Family is composed of block fonts that seem most natural screaming across the front of a mock 1960s industry advertisement. This font family offers both a filled-in and an outlined-shadowed option that can be combined to create unique, vibrant, and easy-to-read graphics.

  5. Nemo: Needing a clear, thin script to grace the cover of your newly opened vintage burger joint? Nemo is the perfection option for you. In fact, this basic script will work well enough to be used for food item lists, menu’s restaurant history summaries, and decorative soup-of-the-day information signs.

  7. Honey: Originally released in the 1950s, Honey is a smooth, cursive script that differs mostly from the previously mentioned Lasalle in the thickness of the font. This thinner font makes it a great choice for any design calling for a vintage-styled theme with a lot of words in a small print space. The thinness is ideal for such needs, but the smooth flowing script still adds the classic feeling to any graphic design.

  9. Fashion: A universally pleasing block font, Fashion is perfect for any graphic design requiring a combination of large and small font sizes. With clear blocks letters of medium thickness, this vintage-styled font is a pleasing font for use in both classic and modern graphics.

Overall, through these fonts (and several more options) Veer’s Filmotype collection provides designers with a quality set of options for just about any vintage-styled need—whether it be an advertisement poster, a menu, or simply a 50s themed birthday party. Available for an average price of $29 per font (or 19 Veer credits), these fonts make vintage designing a simpler task.