Do you feel like your freelance design business is going nowhere? Do you have clients, but not nearly as many as you might like? If so, you need to bolster the padding and establish a more permanent state of revenue. Which, after all, is why we’d like to suggest to you now one of our favorite methods of improving business: Social media and networking. If you aren’t making the most out of your Twitter and Facebook accounts, we can show you how.

  1. Tweet Like the Dickens: One of the mistakes we see graphic designers doing is simply not tweeting enough. Commonly, this error falls under the misconception that you’re required to only tweet about your work or existing projects. This, to put things simply, just isn’t true! Tweet about items you find interesting, or other designers that are rocking the socks off the graphic design realm. You aren’t restricted in what you can tweet about, so long as you aren’t using your business twitter as a personal outlet. Keep the two worlds separate, but don’t be afraid to lay out a cool video or art project that kid in Georgia just posted on the Internet. The skies are the limit.
  2. Offer Facebook Only Discounts: This is something we typically suggest to our clients when they’re looking to create a more present Facebook stature. However, it’s also a decent idea for the every day, average old designer. The idea is simple: Create a fan-gated Facebook fan page that benefits your readers by giving them special discounts and promotional items for liking the page. You can quite easily create one of these iPages in a matter of minutes, and once completed, you’ve given your viewers a very viable reason to give you that all-important like. You don’t even have to offer discounts: Instead, you can also offer up special content or interesting items you’ve found elsewhere on the Net. The idea is exclusivity, and no matter what it takes to create that tone, you have full reign to do it.