Business activity requires a lot of actions connected with clear data access organization. Company websites are called to be the first source in searching info about certain products or services. Simplicity and client-focusing framework consider to be the most important points in web design.
Some of recent trends in web design sphere turned out to be quite stable and sensible.

 Emotional design

Business promotion via Internet is about standing out and being noticed. Advertisers have hired emotion to sell products and build trust long ago.  The best commercials sell a feeling or an idea more than an actual product. Evoking emotions became a strong instrument in creating connection with clients. Make website design more personal so that a client could feel an involvement into your activity. Do not forget about clear navigation and intuitively expected layout elements. The main purpose of emotional web design is to cause the site visitor positive emotions that could be transferred to the product or service in the future and play a significant role in decision to buy.

Flat design

This is one more trend that will be quickly developed and used during the following 3-5 years.   Flat design is a minimalistic approach of design objects creation that is easy to use. Flat design is basically focused on the end-users. It is a combination of bright colors, exotic typography and simple elements. There are no hard graphic effects; the concept of flat design is targeted on visual relief. The color palette is usually defined by 3-4 colors. No more complicated textures, patterns, shadows, bubbles, gradients, and other shiny effects are used. However, in spite of such simplicity, flat buttons still look clickable, the input fields still look editable, and flat website layouts still look interactive.

Responsive design

To be commercially successful today a company should provide its client with a web service of high quality and it does not matter what kind of device the client will use. Thus, we got a question how to be with web design developing. Separate web designs for different kinds of devices are no longer convenient and useful and it is really worth thinking of responsive web design technology implementing. The core essence of such technology is following: there is one design that adapts to different devices.

Big-sized design

Large font size, large icons, large site blocks, these all turned out to be quite good for eye perception during last few years. Therefore, it is not surprising that this trend will be also relevant in future. The successful combination of several large elements is eye-catching for the clients of every age.

Custom fonts

It’s always new and fresh. Unusual and unique fonts won’t leave the clients indifferent. Using remarkable fonts will make your site stand out of another sites. Such adaptation to modern trends is an easily implemented process that does not require significant changes in design framework.

Infinite scrolling

The basic functionality is that, as the user scrolls through content, more content is loaded automatically that is an efficient way to browse that ocean of information, without having to wait for pages to preload. This trend actually is useful for websites with lots of user-generated content

Block design

Block design is a good way to render the content on a single screen. The only drawback of this trend can be the visual page congestion, so working in this direction requires caution.

Fixed navigation and unusual navigation

Fixed navigation is a simple and effective way to improve the usability of the site. Permanent access to the navigation panel improves visual guidance on the website.
Unusual navigation is the way to control visitor’s emotions, attention and preferences.