We know exactly what you’re thinking: Guys, there’s just no way that you can boost your profits from a freelance design business instantly! That’s crazy talk, and if such methods existed, I would have heard of them by now. You’re right on all accounts, but believe it or not, there are in fact ways in which you can increase your design business’ revenue without resorting to illegal activities or shafting clients. Don’t believe us? Fair game! Jump on down below the break to view our point-by-point reasons and top tips on how to improve your freelance revenues from design this instant.

  1. Charge by the Project: If you’re like us, you have charged (or are still charging) by the hour for most of your projects. If you’re continuing this practice, we’re going to make one quick suggestion that you cut it out. Right now, in fact. You see, the more you practice your design skills, and the better you get at the business, the faster you’ll be able to pump out projects. Obviously, if you charge by the hour, you’re going to be shooting yourself in the foot for the services you’re capable of rendering quite quickly. As such, the best possible way to bill clients is to think about how long a project might take you, multiply that number by your hourly rate, and then charge by the project. This gives you wiggle room, as well as ample profits for projects completed quickly.
  2. Keep Lucky Strike Happy: Forgive us for the Mad Men reference (we absolutely love the show) but the idea is simple. Know who amongst your clients is going to pay out the best, as well as which customers will be the most likely to return to you with more work in the future. Once you have a pecking order established, cater as much as you can to the upper crust of your clientele. These are the breadwinners, and it would behoove you to keep them as happy as possible. When in doubt, stoop your standards lower to keep these clients satisfied.
  3. Know Your Money: Lastly, simply be smart about your money. Know how much you’ve got to work with, how much you can spend, and what expenses you’re paying for that you don’t really need. Common sense is an immediate revenue booster every time.