DesignContest is highly pleased to announce that due to the highest efforts our platform makes to keep our users thrilled to bits with the challenging projects and creative designs we offer, we’ve been described as one of 20 best Freelance Platforms according to the website FinancesOneline.

And the Award goes to…

FinancesOnline is a team of professionals who struggle for providing its followers with trustworthy and reliable reviews that help people to distinguish the platforms and software worth their attention. Being a fast growing website for online reviews of successful and prominent companies that are getting to the peak of their development, FinancesOnline looks through thousands of companies daily in order to find the ones worth clients’ admiration. Cooperating with more than 4,000 companies, the platform can boast about having more than 1,000,000 readers per month. Recently, FinancesOnline has devoted the attention to DesignContest and we’re extremely contented with that.

Having rewarded DesignContest with its Great User Experience and Rising Star Award, FinancesOnline has claimed that DesignContest platform is worth people’s trust in the sphere of crowdsourcing platforms and design, showing one of the best satisfaction and quality ranks possible.

Moreover, FinancesOnline offers 3 business cases that will help clients to understand the benefits DesignContest provides different kinds and sizes of business with. Three living examples serve the best proof that designs created on DesignContest assist any business in its rapid growth and long-term prosperity. FinancesOnline also presents a detailed comparison of DesignContest with its competitors, making it possible to grasp all the pros and cons of the platform due to precise chart information.

DesignContest: experience the quality on your own

If you’re a client, you probably want to add an outstanding value to your company with the help of ingenuity in design. If you’re a designer, you’re probably looking for the project that will make your portfolio stand out from the thousands of competitors you have. In both cases, DesignContest is a perfect place to develop your company along with your ambitions. Launch a contest or take part in one and experience all the benefits on your own. It’s high time you changed your life with a single click.

The high score of 8.8 out of 10 and the perfect user satisfaction rating of 100% that we got catapulted us in FinancesOnline’s software category rankings. DesignContest is now among the top freelance platforms in the software review site, a recognition that came about as a result of the awards and very positive reviews. These achievements speak of our software’s performance and capabilities since FinancesOnline awards are only given to outstanding products that have gained traction with customers because of their robust features and total usability.