It is Christmas soon! Below, we’ve collected ideas for beautiful, original and most importantly ‘quick’ Christmas cards, each one will take no more than half an hour.

Dimentional Snowflakes

The main trick here is to create a dimensional effect. For this, stick some snowflakes on small circles of foam or thick cardboard.


Funny Deer

It’s easy to make reindeer with the help of fingerprints. Dip your fingers in paint and draw the rest. Kids will gladly participate.



Cards with presents are simple to make from pieces of colored paper and ribbon.


Christmas decorations

One of the main symbols of this period is Christmas balls. You can make it out of colored paper, cloth and felt. What’s effective is cutout cards – you have to cut out a circle on the front and on the inside draw patterns. Stick a piece of cloth or paper.


Santa Claus

This Santa Claus is easy to make. A red hat and a pink face – it’s strips of paper stuck on a card or a gift packet. The fur on the hat and the beard is easy to do – take paper and watercolors (they’re easy to purchase at a stationary store) and add some strips with rough edges. Stick it on the card on top of the red and pink stripe. Next, draw two squiggly lines – mouth and nose, and two dots for the eyes.


Cards With Buttons

Everyone’s got a box with different buttons. Take them out, they can finally be of use! From them you can create great cards. You can, for example make a button snowman and christmas tree decorations.



You can add dimension to this snowman if you add between the circles additional pieces of cardboard. If it’s double sided tape, you don’t need cardboard.


Dotted card

Use a needle or an awl or a pen to create your own unique greeting card.