Design is my joy and I love the opportunity to create while contributing to the success of others”. These words are the motto of our June interview designer. Meet our great, professional and creative logo designer DesignLion :) 


What do you like to design most of all?

Right now, I enjoy logo design. It is the official mark of a business and it’s fun to be a part of its creation.

Can you remember your first win here?

Yes! That was a logo for a training center. I was so thrilled!

What inspires you most of all?

As far as design goes, I love hidden elements. I always find myself thinking “how did they envision that?!”. As for people, my 6 year old daughter inspires me. She can turn anything into art and she is never fearful of what someone will think of her creations.

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When brief is completely unclear do you dismiss this contest or try to find out more by asking the contest holder?

It depends on the project. If I feel inspired about the meaning of the business, I will push further to understand.

Freelance or office job?

For now, freelance. I enjoy designing and doing it as a freelance artist I get to continue seeing it as my fun time. I get to choose what designs I want to do and when. If it were an office job I worry that my creative flow would be forced and it might start to feel more like a job and less like a joy. However, if/when my current 9-5 comes to an end, I intend on finding a position in the design field. It is said, if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life.

Are there some design trends you hate?

I don’t really “hate” things. I appreciate the individual creativity of others. If I had to choose a trend I’m not particularly crazy about, I’d have to say Modern Retro. It kind of feels like an oxymoron to me.

How do you feel about working in a team when several designers are working for the same project but it is not a contest?

I’m all for teamwork because I feel like other people can aid in the creative process. When you can bounce ideas off of others it can be fun and inspiring. Plus, there is always something to be learned from other people, especially in the world of design. Granted, this is only successful if you are teamed up with other team players.

Banner design is stated in your portfolio. What are 3 main features of a good banner for you?

Balance of color and white space. Color triggers emotion so you want to make sure you are causing the right effect for the intended response; however, white space is equally important because too much color will be overwhelming. Clean, easy to read font and nothing too wordy. You want the reader to be able to get the message in a glance. Lastly, it is important to make sure you are sending the right message to represent the client. If it is a professional client, the banner should immediately display that.

Are there some companies you would like to create a design for?

None come to mind specifically but I would love to one day create a design for a company that becomes nationally recognizable. It would be really cool to see something I designed on a publicly recognized platform.

What would you advise to our newbies?

Always believe in yourself and your work. Don’t get intimidated by other designs, you don’t know what the CH has as their vision and your design just might be it! There is always more to learn so keep educating yourself. Most importantly, be unique.

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