Designer of the Month: CKS

This January we’re featuring inspiring DesignContest designer, Erick of CKS Design. With over 193 winning entries, including an incredible 77 gold entries, 69 silver, and 47 brass, DesignContest clients are choosing Erick’s contemporary and conceptual designs over and over again. Erick’s high experience level is easy to see with his extensive...

Designer of the Month: Yulistina

This December we feature the inspiring DesignContest designer, Yulistana. With over 139 winning entries, including a whopping 48 gold entries, 52 silver, and 39 brass, Yulistana’s creative and striking designs catch the eye of DesignContest clients and businesses everywhere. Yulistana’s extensive portfolio especially demonstrates her ability to create attractive and expressive logo and...

Designer of the Month: Lanie24

This October we feature leading DesignContest designer, Lanie Gajete. With over 21 winning entries, including 15 gold, two silver, and four bronze, Lanie’s striking designs stand out to DesignContest clients and businesses everywhere. Lanie’s impressive portfolio especially demonstrates her ability to express a brand’s image with a dynamic logo...

Designer Of The Month: Kristina2912 – April 2018

When it comes to raising clients’ engagement through design, our designer of April is one of the most experienced professionals in this field. Today, we want you to meet Kristina2912, whose impressive and innovative design ideas have conquered people’s hearts all over the world.

Designer Of The Month: Savina – March 2018

DesignContest can boast about uniting tremendous talents that are capable of changing the world, and not only due to their exceptional vision of modern design. One of such talents is our Designer of March, Savina, whom we would really like you to meet!

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