Do you want a professional custom logo design that will be able to highlight your brand? Do you know the future concept of this design or is it still supposed to be developed? Do you need any advice as for the color, style, or technical features of your future design? If the answer to any of those questions is “Yes”, our brilliant designer of November, mmkdesign, with 34 gold, 33 silver, and 26 bronze medals is the one you’re looking for.

I can keep going on how incredible and experienced this designer is but the kind words of appreciation left by his clients would be far more eloquent.

Very nice work. This designer was very responsive to change requests. Some designers when asked to change a font will only offer one option that does not work with design, he offered several options in order to find one that worked with our project. – Lawrence Houk, United States

red blue logo design bird

Very professional, and responds in a quick and timely fashion. Great work- very pleased. 🙂 – Alessandra MacDonald, Canada

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Very good – prompt reaction to any amendments or wishes! – Gisela Hoffmann, Germany

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Thank you for agreeing to answer my questions. First, how long have you been dealing with design? When did you face design crowdsource for the first time?

I’ve been dealing with design for 5 years now, right after I graduated from the computer academy. I took up design crowdsourcing after my graduation.

What is the easiest thing for you in design? What is the most difficult one?

I like it when designs are of a various level of difficulty; actually, the more complicated the task is, the more interesting it is for me to fulfill.

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Do you have a project you are most proud of?

Just like every other designer, I like my designs and cannot mark out just one. I do my best to share all my skills and imagination with each and every of my designs.

The logos designed by you look very sophisticated and light (the impression that is very difficult to make). What is your secret? How do you achieve such results?

I try to think the design through before taking up the assignment. I spend lots of time drawing and developing the design.

Do you follow trends in graphic design? With the upcoming 2018, is there any specific trend you would be interested in?

Of course, I try to follow graphic design trends. I got really interested in the letter construction in design, I find it highly amusing. I also admire negative space which is a really smart design.

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Which logos are most difficult to create (e.g. emblems, pure text, combos ets.)?

It’s particularly hard to create a detailed design, for it requires lots of patience and time. Textual logos aren’t that difficult to make; one just needs to find the idea that will make this design fabulous.

What are your biggest ambitions in terms of design?

I want to be always in-demand when it comes to the job I love.

How do you handle difficult clients? And what is your definition of a difficult client?

Every client has his own vision of what the future logo design should look like. No matter how difficult the client is, I always try to accomplish the task I have to the full.

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What helps you to get inspired?

Music. That’s my inspiration.

What would you suggest those who start working with DesignContest (both clients and designers)?

The only advice I have for designers is that they should work, do their best, develop their skills, and they will achieve the results they desire for sure. As for clients, I would tell them to use DesignContest because this is the platform with the best designers from all over the world.

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DesignContest wants to express our gratitude to Mmkdesign for creating such fabulous designs for our fabulous clients.