In April, we’ve decided it’s high time you met a brilliant designer who, with a help of her vivid imagination and original way of thinking, has won the hearts of her clients along with 74 (!) golden medals on DesignContest so far: Selma Operhal. Selma lives in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is keen on various design trends. She has a talented sweet little niece who has everything to become a celebrity in the world of fashion, with a sprinkle of help from her dazzling aunt, of course. Enjoy the interview with Selma and you will find out the secret of her success on DesignContest.

poster design

Selma, first, what tasks are the most challenging for you when it comes to graphic design?

Most of the time, it is a logo design but recently I have also been challenged by a poster design.  

poster design designcontest

You’ve got some really engaging posters in your profile. Have you ever attended any events you designed a poster for? Is there any event you’re eager to create a poster for in the future?

Yes, I’ve had an opportunity to attend lots of events and it is always great to see your own design in action 🙂 As a Pearl Jam fan, it would be my greatest honor to design a poster for one of their concerts 🙂

pearl jam designcontest

You’ve got a pretty impressive portfolio that includes all kinds of stuff: from bottle designs to logos. If you could choose only one thing to design for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Thank you! That is a very hard question and I don’t have any answer. 🙂 Yes, I have an extensive portfolio because I am challenged by the brief and the project assignment itself, so I don’t choose design categories.

Do you admire any current trends in graphic design?

Trends in the graphic design come and go, but I’ve always been inspired by minimalistic designs.

Where do you get your inspiration from day after day?

I live near my 2 young nieces (4 and 6 years old), so when I get tired of working, designing and when I lose my inspiration, I often go to play with them. I find children’s imagination to be very inspiring.

Selma and Ruby DesignContest

Do you have any major ambitions in terms of your future work? What do you dream of designing in the future?

I will always be a graphic designer, but recently I have created clothing brand with my twin sister – Ruby Red Clothing. The main idea about our brand is to transform Ruby’s (my niece) drawings into a wearable art. I enjoy transforming her drawings into vector files and placing them in dresses, t-shirts, tote bags… I can imagine myself doing this in the future.

Ruby clothes design

Oh, that sounds amazing! I’ve checked your website and have to admit you’ve got some really stunning stuff there. Does Ruby realize she has her own brand, being only 5 years old? It’s a real achievement!

Thank you! Ruby is aware of having her own brand because she is participating in the process. She is often choosing which drawings we will take for print. She is quite proud when she sees her own drawings on women, girls, walking on the street.

I can imagine that! What about the brand’s logo? As far as I understand, it was designed by you? What did you want it to reflect/How did you come up with its concept?

Yes, it has been designed by me. The main idea behind this logo is a girl reaching for the stars, which means that young girls should follow their dreams and know that everything is possible. Their dreams can come true.

Ruby Red logo

Are there any graphic designers you particularly admire?

Lizonil 😉

Do you have any tips for those who have just started working with DC?

Do not copy. Be original. And be determined.

Can you advise the best way for designers to sort out difficulties and misunderstandings they face with their clients?

Be patient! 🙂

DesignContest expresses our tremendous admiration with Selma’s engaging designs and wishes her to keep improving her magnificent design skills! Stay with DesignContest and experience your personal and professional growth day by day!