This month designer is Jobzz, hilarious, competitive and creative logo designer who rapidly reached 10th level and got 23 gold medals. He is responsive and reliable, always looking for new challenges and possibilities.


How long have you been working as a designer?

I have created DesigContest account in 2008. However, I was inactive for too much time. Started design activity only in 2012.


If you had to change your profession what would it be?

Many times I’ve been thinking that probably I could be psychologist, but not sure… I cannot chose a better profession, it is a pleasure to be a designer.


How would you describe your design style?

At the beginning I used to have very minimalistic style. But DesignContest has been a big support, helping me to improve my design skills and try new styles that meet client needs. So now I’m trying to do something new and fresh. It is some kind of competition with myself (smiling).


Your portfolio has many logo designs. What about other design categories? Business cards, posters, banners or maybe website designing?

I love to design logos, I think it is the most simplified and efficient way for the company to communicate with customers. I have identity design projects that include almost everything, from business card to uniforms and billboards, but this kind of projects is more personal and I consider such projects should have a personal contact with the clients. The web design is very interesting but the coding makes me feel afraid and I don’t have enough courage to enter a contest of this type. The rest of the categories just do not look very attractive to me.


How do you think which logo design trend will be the most popular in 2015?

I think that the flat design will be important, but I can see that a lot of people are getting back to vintage and handmade design, so maybe these two styles will be significant.



If you have no access to computer but suddenly get some brilliant design idea how do you fix it to remember?

I always try to carry my moleskine, I love to sketch and when a good idea appears I just change the sheet and sketch it. When I forget my notebook I just open the app and try to sketch the simplest that can represent the basic idea.


What sources can you recommend for design training and skill improvement?

I really recommend the contests for training and skill improvement. You can learn new styles, techniques and effects with the designers that are very talented. As I’ve said before I really improved my skills on this site, the idea of a real client and the spirit of competition is more important than just making logos to sell on stock website. In addition, when a client provides feedback you can learn a lot.


Name 3 things that inspire you most of all

Music! I love music, it inspires me a lot. A pen and a white sheet, BOOM! instant inspiration. And the reality, taking a look outside can inspire a lot, a walk… everything.


If client’s brief does not contain certain color requirements and you are completely free to choose the colors you like, what would you choose? What are the factors that will influence you?

Looking at my designs I realized that my favorite color to design is blue. Well, it is important to know the purpose of the design and the appearance that the client wants to give. And when the brief is very poor the psychology of color never fails.


In case when you have no ideas where do you find inspiration? What websites do you visit?

Horrible when this happens, I hate it! Sometimes I just stay away from the computer to refresh my ideas. I take a look into the design books that I have. Sometimes I just open Google and write the key words and POOF! .. a lot of inspiration. When i’m looking for something more specific I just open, it is very inspiring site.


Do you have some idol designers?

Sorry, no. I know about designing but not much about the designers. But I can tell you about some creative people like Droga, Jose Montalvo… and many others, I love publicity. The design of logos is more like a hobby that I love to do.


Do you remember some funny moments concerning your design experience?

In fact some funny situations make me feel very stupid. In many contest that I’ve participated I had ideas that were very obvious and for this reason I didn’t design and upload them… the sad part is that this idea wins, and just because it looks very obvious to me I lose chances to win.


What was you first contest on DesignContest website? Were you nervous joining this site at first time?

My first contest was…I do not remember the title, there was something about allergies and I entered it just to have some money (laughing) I thought that I could win easily, why not? But the reality was different. I left the site for some time until my career ending. After that I have totally focused on designing logos. Talking about joining the contest at first time…  yes I was nervous. I was thinking about the result. Will it be something I can be proud of in the future?


Describe your feelings when you first won the contest here

I guess I will never forget that contest. It was “College Success Program”.

Happiness and euphoria at the same time. The first time that I won just proved me that I could achieve the targets set. And when I saw my first gold medal the goal was to be level 10 and be between TOP-100 designers of this site.

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