This month we had an interview with our beautiful designer operhal. She is very kind and friendly person, experienced, creative and responsible designer with a professional portfolio. Our Facebook followers have chosen her winning entry in one of our weekly polls.



What was the reason for you to become a designer?

It was not a reason it was a fate (smiling) My father was a fashion designer and I grow up designing clothing for my dolls. Fashion design was my first love and still it is… I am spending lots of money on clothing (laughing).  I remember that me and my twin sister designed carpet for my parents – they wanted new wool carpet and factory was able to make it from the sketch. I was 7 and that carpet is still in my parents’ house. 


How long have you been working as a designer?

Huh, let me count… more than 15 years…


Wow! That’s pretty long! You have great designs in your DC portfolio. Most of them are beautiful logos. What about other categories?

Thank you so much! I enjoy designing logos, but still I also like to design stationery, t-shirts, billboards, posters… Besides DC I am not designing logos that often – I am more involved in creative concepts, billboards, flyers, packaging and other promotional materials for different clients. I guess I miss designing logos so that’s why my DC portfolio is full of it.



Would website designing be a challenge for you?

Web is not my thing. My first full time job was as web designer and I didn’t enjoy it. Web design is not a challenge for me, but there are lots of great web designers out there.


Oh, so you used to work in the office… What can you say about working in the office and as a freelancer?

Yes, I have changed several agency, and I like to be a part of creative team and with creative people. I have gain lot of knowledge and I met some great people by working in agencies. But I don’t like to get up early, and I was lucky enough to currently work from my home for a few clients on monthly basis. Dream job, I would say.


If the client rejects really creative, clear and balanced design you’ve offered and asks something like “green sky with red clouds” what would you feel or do? Do you often advise something to your clients telling them about design trends, tips and rules?

Client often asks some “green sky with red clouds” things. I’m always trying to give them advice and my professional opinion on how to make things better. Lots of them actually took my advices, but, of course, there are still some clients who are very persistent in their visions.


By the way, talking about trends… Do you track modern design trends? What logo trends of recent years did you like most of all? 

I can say that I follow modern trends. There are a lot of great inspiration sites. I love simple and minimalistic style in design.


So, minimalism is the future, isn’t it?

Well, I think it is (smiling).


How do you deal with negative comments and feedback?

I am ok with negative comments, I learned to deal with that. I do understand that sometimes clients don’t like my style or the concept. I will share with you one funny client’s comment. Not form DC. It was something like ‘I will tell you what is beautiful!’ 


How do you improve your designer skills? What sources do you read? What websites concerning design do you visit?

I am quite judgmental – I always can found some design flaws in my work and that’s force me to be and do better. I often visit web site and find an inspiration.



Can a certain person or thing inspire you? How do you usually catch the inspiration?

World is inspiring me. People, places, moments. I search for inspiration in unusual things and most of the times – inspiration finds me!  Of course, I visit lots of design inspiration sites and follow the trends.


Do you listen to some music while you are working?

No. I can’t focus with the music. I have tried and it was so distracting for me. But, lots of time when I work, my husband is watching TV, so I hear lots of background sounds like: Goal! Goal! (laughing)


What do you like to do besides designing? Do you have some hobby?

I don’t have a free time…. I’m just kidding – I like skiing, my town is surrounded with mountains and I have been skiing since I was a little girl. I am planning to start practicing Yoga, as designer I am spending a lot of time at the computer’s desk and my ‘mouse’ arm is hurting me, so I hope some exercises will help.


Can you name some designers and illustrators whose distinct designs styles you adore?

There is a lot of designers and illustrator but it is hard to choose one particular. When I was a student I admired work of Salvador Dali and Rembrandt and I still do. They had a major influence on my artistic development. I love Banksy and his satirical approach to the art.



You have been a DC member since 2011. That’s a long period of time! Do you remember your first contest? And your first win?

I registered in 2011, but I was inactive until 2013. One of my first contest was in fact my first win! It was the contest for the logo and packaging design. I remember that I was so thrilled and that I just couldn’t believe I get so lucky. That was so motivational!


What would you like to advise DC newbies?

My advice is not to give up. You will not win at first (or maybe you will) J but just believe in yourself and give your best! Every contest is a challenge.