A straight talk with a talented designer who’s been with DesignContest for almost 4 years. We’ll talk about the things that worry you.

29 gold, 14 silver, 9 bronze medals so far. If it doesn’t impress you, what will, then? Perhaps, knowing that the owner of those medals earned on DesignContest is not just a gifted designers but also a person with a strong spirit of enterprise who is willing to develop the design niche in his native Nigeria. Meet Omole Oluseyi from Lagos. You might know him under his nickname Serezxo. Despite being only 24 years old, he has already managed to win the hearts of DesignContest’s clients for being extremely patient and hard-working, providing them with the best marketing solutions imaginable. This interview will allow you to see Omole from a slightly different angle.

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What inspired you to become a graphic designer?

Since my very early age, I love the beauty of art, love to draw and paint; to a point, I was told to repeat a class because I failed as a result of always drawing when the teacher was teaching, lol (smiling). Graphic design is the one thing I do with an absolute ease and joy. When I pick-up my PC to design, time flies and food becomes an option 😀

I never had a tutor nor studied anything close to graphic design at school (Estate Management, btw) but my passion inspired me to be a graphic designer and to pursue it professionally.

Do you remember your very first project you designed on your own? What feelings did you have at that time? Was the project successful?

So sad I don’t have that design anymore. It was a logo design for a friend’s brother. Spent “close to a decade” on it; while finishing it, I had the same feeling one would have after completing your luxury dream home, lol. While showing it to him, the look on his face was a million miles away from my expectations – he needed not say it aloud that it was a trash 🙂 It wasn’t a successful design project.

What are your main ambitions in the sphere of graphic design?

My ambition is to be a full-time freelance graphic designer and develop a graphic design business in Nigeria (currently working on Designub) to serve SMEs.

Can you tell us more about Designub?

Designub is an online platform that provides instant graphic design solutions for businesses. It simplifies the graphic design business process by offering premium and free graphic design templates which could be customized and delivered to customers in few hours after order. It also provides monthly subscription plans for businesses with high graphic design need and ensure all businesses find an appropriate plan that fits.

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The platform encourages business owners, entrepreneurs and other individuals in the business space to do what they know how to do best – manage their business; and let Designub take out the hassle of their day-to-day graphic design needs. Graphic designers are not left out, the platform provides a channel for skilled graphic designers to sell their graphic design templates and showcase services they can offer; thereby earning from doing what they love.