Hey there! Meet our September designer savina. Let’s find out what kind of hobby she has 🙂


What do you like to design most of all?

Most of all I love to design logos. I like to make everything from scratch. I am a creative person and creativity is the main part of a logo design. I like to tell more with less.

Which design category is a challenge for you and why?

Maybe web design and book covers. The same reasons make me prefer logo design. I feel it a lot easier to search for ideas in my mind than to search for the right images on the Internet.

Describe your experience with DesignContest. What did you feel entering the contest for the first time?

DesignContest is the first crowdsourcing site I entered and I still like it. I am the member here for 3 years and I participated in many interesting contests, although I haven’t been active for half of that time. When I first entered a contest my design had like 26 rating points and I was very excited.

Do you prefer freelancing or office work?

Right now I am freelancing, but I like working in an office too. I can’t decide which one I prefer – they both have pros and cons. I like to organise my own time and work from home, but sometimes it becomes 24/7. I like the atmosphere in the office and teamwork, but I don’t like going out early and working 8 hours every day. After a while I start to miss the other way of working and search for a change.

Do you have a favorite contest on our website?

I don’t have only one favorite. Every contest has its story. Love them all, even the ones I couldn’t win.

I love the logos I made for Chrysalis, Cleopatra Night Club, HAProxy, BRK Apparel, Maldivian Research Institute …. – all in very tough competition.

I am very proud of my logo for “Spl.at” contest – the contest holder wanted a design in 1950’s retro style, which is out of my comfort zone.

Another one of my favorite contest is “Time To Gold”. I saw it maybe a day before the deadline and all entries were designs with clocks and gold. In the brief it was written it’s a website for a gold jewelry at a wholesale prices and I realized the name means “It’s time to buy gold now” so I made a design that symbolizes gold at a sale and I was the only one going in that direction. The CH loved it, the moment he saw it and after small adjustments I won the contest like 24h after my first submission. I love it cause I was the only one that realized what he needed in his logo.

design-by-savina-1 design-by-savina-2 design-by-savina-3 design-by-savina-4

Which modern design trends make you mad and angry?

I can’t think of any design trends that make me mad and angry.

Bad aesthetic presentation of a good idea makes me angry or sad maybe. Bad aesthetic presentation of a bad idea even more.

Do you combine music and designing?

Yes I love listening to music. I find inspiration in there.

Do you have some hobbies that help you in designing?

I like making things. I like working with wood, paper, clay, textile etc. All kind of stuff clothes, jewelry, furniture…

designer-hobby designer-hobby2 designer-hobby3

How do your feelings affect your design ideas?

I don’t have design ideas when I am in a bad mood, at least I can’t remember designing anything when being sad. I leave part of myself in every design and I don’t want to implement my bad feelings in there. When I feel bad I take a break, relax and listen to a good music. I can easily fix my mood with music. And designing makes me feel happy too.

What would you like to tell DesignContest newbies?

To read the brief carefully. Most of the times the contest holder’s need is said in there even if not so obvious. And never give up. Every design for contest is a step for improvement. Actually all of us DON’T win most of the times.

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