Today, we’re not going to be handing over info to help you create better killer designs. No, today we’re going to be peeling back the layers to get at the sweet, juicy center of something else that really matters: mastering Photoshop. If you’re feeling unfamiliar with the software — or just wonder if you’re doing the right things to get the most out of it—then saddle up, Partner! We’ve got the full breakdown you need coming right up. We’ll be dishing out some quality tips on how to improve your standing with Photoshop design projects:

  1. Turn on Those Smart Guides: If you’re not currently using those smart guides, then we almost can’t help you. You see, they’re just about the simplest, quickest, and most basic way to improve the quality of your work within Photoshop. These are those flashy guides that pop up when you’re trying to move an object into place. They are extremely useful for two reasons: Firstly, they allow you to use the document grid without actually seeing it. And secondly, they make spacing elements equally as simple as slipping into Canada. So in other words, if you don’t have these puppies on, go ahead and give them a whirl. We promise you’ll like what you see!
  2. Use Object Alignment Tools: On a similar note, if you aren’t using the automatic alignment tools that come with Photoshop, you’re really running quite the risk. You see, those tools allow you to instantly align several objects that you’re dealing with, and without any sort of complex wiggling around or angling. It’s done in a second, and you’re left with a professional, sleek design. It’s really that simple.
  3. Make Your Effects Default: Are you adding the same effect to the same group of objects over and over? If so, then make the job a little easier on yourself. Make your settings within the effect default by clicking “Make Default.” Now, when you open up a new instance of that effect, say on another object, you’re already set to go! This can save you a lot of time, especially with projects that use similar elements, or repeated items to create really cool effects. Even better, these settings will be saved outside of that document, too!