Logo design is the most popular design category on our website. Today we have an interview with a great logo designer junifer 🙂


How long have you been working as a designer? Did you have some difficulties at the beginning?

I have started working here as  designer in November, 2013. At first yes, I used to have some difficulties because there were many designers who already had professional and  creative portfolios here. I had to try and try and try until I finally succeeded… Patience is a virtue (smiling)

Have you started with designing logos or something else?

Yes, I’m working as a graphic artist here in my hometown in a small family business of my relative. Mostly as a logo designer. And my friend recommended me DesignContest to join saying I have a potential in design. Logo is my favorite design category here.

It is very hard to start your design career without a good portfolio. How did you deal with this problem?

For me yes, it was hard to start without a good portfolio. But if you just love your design activity and have no fear, if you are creative, if you trust yourself,  you can achieve any goals set and become a real professional. My way was just doing all these things step by step, day after day.


What are the rules of your design activity?

My rules here are simple: quality is your main goal, happy client is a result of your work. Good designers have not only excellent design skills but also strong communication skills.

Can something scare you so much that you would give up some design project?

As for now – no. I used to have some designs eliminated by the client with no explanation. So now before entering some contest I analyze the description of the contest holder at first trying to understand what most likely would be removed. But at the same time I am trying to create something different from what the other designers do.

In your DesignContest profile you have mentioned that you are also a photographer? Does it help you in your design activity?  

Oh…   sad to say that I have to start everything from the very beginning since I have lost my bag with camera and memory cards. I was so upset that decided to focus on design mostly and get back to photography later.

Every designer has some story about a nightmare client. Can you remember such hard clients?

Lucky me! I have not met such clients on DC website yet.  Some of my clients are really very nice people to deal with. You know, people from Philippines are full of hospitality. This feature can also be applied to work.  It doesn’t matter if you are a guest in my house or my client, I will be patient, polite and helpful in both situations.

How do you think what will be the main graphic design trend in 2016?

Since I am a logo designer I will tell you my thoughts concerning logo design trends. I guess it is time for not only creating something new. It is the right time to remove completely out-of-date design techniques. I would like to see boycotting generic logos as the main trend of 2016 (laughing). Not only designers should avoid this but also the clients should do that too. If the client insists on something generic we have to convince him to give up that idea. Sometimes it is really hard (laughing).

What will you say to DesignContest newbies?

DesignContest is awesome! Most of your design life will change here. Catch your opportunities! By the way I have recommended DC to many designers here in Cebu.

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