Recently, we detailed a few of the ways in which you can avoid using stock photos in a tacky or incredibly nondescript way. However, after writing that article we spent a bit more time using the Internet—we tend to do that. And after perusing what the Web has to offer, we’re more certain than ever that something needs to be done about this here tacky use of stock images. It’s a rampant problem, and we have the solutions to fix it. As such, you’ll find a whole new list of ways and reasons to avoid improper use of stock photos below. Starting with:

  1. Use a Reverse Image Search: If you’re aim is to avoid using a photo in your graphic designs that’s already been purchased and used one hundred thousand times, you’re going to want to be sure in an accurate way that you aren’t falling into some kind of trap. The easiest way to do this is to crank in your choice photo with one of the million reverse image searchers out there. These are tools that comb the Internet for photos you upload. The site then returns with a number of instances, which you can then use to gauge just how often your photo has been used. If the number is way too high, move onto the next offering. And on that note:
  2. Don’t Settle: If we can advise you to do anything, it’s that you should absolutely never settle for the first image that floats across your screen. What we mean is, before you decide to purchase and stick with that stock photo that appears to meet all your needs, bookmark it and keep looking. Work up at least three or four solid bookmarks, and then compare them against each other. Which one do you prefer? Which one says the most about your site, or fits the easiest within your framework? Once you have that down, go back to step one. If all checks out, then buy, Baby, buy!
  3. Respect Your Gut: Do you have a photo that’s just slightly out of your price range, and yet you absolutely think it’s the best option for your project? Is your gut screaming at you to pick that one photo over another? In most cases, it’s a solid idea to follow your instincts. It’s certainly done us well over the years.