At some point every digital designer draws some inspiration from something they see, and digital design online magazines are becoming increasingly popular in fueling sources of muses.  With online magazines being convenient and easily accessible, digital designers can draw and share ideas just with a click of the mouse. Here are some of the top digital design magazines made available online for your viewing pleasure, literally.


Destructed is an art and design magazine and is released on a quarterly basis. Each issue is geared toward featuring a unique and different theme. The website’s monochromic themed homepage is easy on the eyes and simple to read. Efficient navigation through the site is another plus. The latest issue is featured as center left, and the archive of recent articles are displayed date descending with bold, catchy titles. The articles are made available for download in .PDF, .rar, and audio file formats.  The contributing artists are shown at random on the bottom of the home page for the reader to get a better idea of who is behind the article they are currently reading. You can submit you contact and portfolio online to join their growing artist community. Not an artist, but enjoys art? You can register for their online newsletter to stay in touch.


This is probably the most unique (and a personal favorite of mine!) of the online digital magazines made available. With kitschy and quirky features and layout, this site definitely catches the eye. The site layout is similar to that of a blog and features everything from Tokidoki to artists interviews video clips. It is a web magazine based on basically everything related to art design. Issues are published weekly, and a free PDF version is made available every few months contains interviews and individual artwork. You can contact the administrator if you would like to have your work featured and personal profile websites are highly recommended for review consideration.  GizMag is also on popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and even hosts work on Flickr.


Although not as simple and as user friendly as Destructed and GizMag, Artzmania is still a great source for artists and those who appreciate art and design. This site offers their publications for download and features different art and artist exhibitions along with current design related news. In order to view their publications you must download a Martview ebook reader. They also have their on online forum where artists from all over the world can come and discuss their thoughts and ideas at one place.