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Top Free Alternatives to Photoshop

Posted on April 22, 2011

Category: General

Looking for a decent image and photo editing program but don’t want to spend any extra money on Photoshop software? Here are a few substitutes that are free, relatively simple to use, easily accessible, and helps you create personalized images you can be proud of.



This is the most popular alternative and closest representation of Photoshop available. Use by professionals and beginners, GIMP is a downloadable program and offers in depth editing and graphic enhancement tools for your images and photos. Although it has much to offer, the only downside of this program is that beginning users might find the interface a bit difficult to work around with, but after using it for awhile will get the hang of it.


This site also resembles what an actual Photoshop software or program would look like. You can start from a blank slate, open an image straight from your PC, use an image from an existing online photo hosting album, or grab a photo from an online library from a social network site. The cool things about this programs  is that you also have the ability of editing multiple images at the same time. Some editing options include blurring, smudging, gradient effects, color replacement, and so on. It is pretty simple to use and fun to play around with and see what sort of editing effects you can do with your images without having to pay a single penny.


Although, the layout of this site can be somewhat confusing, still this site offers simple “1 click” editing options for your photos such as: special effects, artwork, distinct fonts, and photo profiling. The primary basis of this website is more on photo editing rather than making graphic additions to your images. As simple as its options, no downloading of any program or software is necessary. This site also offers easy accessible links to popular online image hosting websites and social networking websites.


This site is very user friendly. It allows you to grab photos from main image hosting sites like Flickr, Photobucket, and Picasa, and also from social networks such as Facebook and Myspace. Just like FlauntR, no download is required. Registration is free, but a premium upgrade account is made available, however, it is not necessary. The regular free account is sufficient enough for any user. The layout of this site is great for beginning image editors and has image editing and enhancing tools that will gratify even the most advanced photo editing user.


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