In a previous post, we detailed a few trends we’ve noticed in recent, high-dollar website redesigns. However, we wanted to cover some additional ground, leading us to laying out some of the habits we’ve noticed below for your further inspection. All of the methods and ideas listed here are solid processes that will land you a lot of praise from clients. And really, with that kind of happiness on the line, why not spend some extra time with quality redesigns? So without further ado, enjoy even more of our top redesign ideas and possibilities!

  1. Natural Media: In the early 2000’s, we noticed a major emphasis on avoiding any kind of fake natural media. This is likely due to the fact that natural media produced in programs like Photoshop and Corel simply looked terrible. However, times have changed, leaving us with a lot more digital paint strokes, brushes and splashes than ever before! If you’re faced with a particularly troubling element during a redesign, consider adding a splash of fake pastel, chalk, or acrylic. It’s all the rage and at its core, doing so gives your site that special, handmade feel that everyone is craving these days. It also makes the overall redesign look more “artsy” which may or may not be the feel you’re looking for.
  2. Keep a Tab Open: Additionally, we’re seeing a lot more emphasis on tabbed navigation within a website than we ever have before. Sure, there’s very little difference coding-wise between a link and a tab, but then again, there’s a world of aesthetics. You want the reader to feel like they’re browsing a single entity, not a complex chain of interconnected webpages—which you and I know they really are, but hey, who’s counting?
  3. Put It In One: On a similar note, we have never seen more single-page layouts than in the last few years. When redesigning a website, very seriously consider if it’s possible to put all of that content onto only one page, whether that’s accomplished through scrolling, sliding, or complex CSS coding. No matter how it’s done, it’s a vital step to making a website look truly modern and up to date.