According to the latest data by IBISworld, a global Market Research company, grooming salon business has experienced 9% annual growth and has raised its income up to $8 bn in total. This abrupt change can be explained by the tendency of pet owners purchasing the services of the highest quality for their favorite animals. Luxury for pets has become not a sign of kitsch but an indication of a proper status. Taking into account the facts mentioned above, no wonder that grooming business is gathering speed.


“From a scary mess to total hotness”. The first step to a stunning grooming salon advertising is a remarkable tagline. Keeping in mind this simple truth, pet service Shampoddles, situated in Virginia, armed itself to the teeth with this knowledge. One of the main steps you should take while thinking of your marketing campaign is a mind-blowing meaningful slogan. You’re the one who decides whether this logo should be funny or serious but the fact remains the same: this tagline should be memorable and get associated with your grooming salon. That’s why Shampoddles decided to use its tagline as the main weapon. And didn’t regret, as far as it looks natural and complements the whole design concept.

grooming salon marketing ideas

Takeaway for marketers

Your salon’s tagline will be a complementary element of your grooming marketing business campaign. Except for thinking of the tagline itself, you also need to consider the place and the way you want to use it. You don’t have to put it on your grooming salon logo but using it on flyers and your salon uniform would be a great idea, indeed.

Clothes design

Clothes are a crucial part of any advertising campaign. They show how much the advertising campaign is thought through. If you design clothes precisely for your grooming salon, it demonstrates how much you care about this business, your clients, and the general impression your grooming salon makes. There are plenty of options where you can go for.


Let’s start with the most obvious and simplest one – your grooming salon workwear. Tank tops, T-shirts, aprons… There are so many ways you can implement this idea in life one can simply get lost. The effect won’t make you wait: it’s always much more pleasant to use the kind of services that is client-oriented.

custom clothes design grooming salon clothes

Custom clothes design for clients

If you manage to create a really cool clothes design for your grooming salon, you may turn it into even a bigger advantage than you thought before. In this case, you may launch a contest on social networks like Facebook to promote your grooming salon. The idea is quite simple: just announce that your followers will be able to get a cool T-shirt if they like and share your post. “Like and share” contests along with their random winners are a solid guarantee the number of your followers will grow a lot along with the number of your actual clients.

Takeaway for marketers

It would be great if you implemented your grooming salon logo into the workwear design you’re creating. Also, if you decide to launch a contest on your social networks with a prize, you might want to advertise it in order to get a better reach to your target audience.

Print advertising

Print advertising is another component of a successful marketing campaign you shouldn’t forget about. In most cases, you get influenced by print advertising because it’s everywhere: newspapers, magazines, posters, billboards etc. You see print advertising when you go to work in the morning, you might see it from your office windows, you see it when you go for a lunch, come back home from work or take your kids to a playground. Which is why print advertising matters so much. Due to this unbelievable variety of print advertising kinds, you can choose the one to advertise your grooming salon that suits your budget the best.

poster design grooming salon

Takeaways for marketers

Except for taking into account your budget while choosing a print advertising type, you should also take into account your target audience. Pet owners who prefer luxurious grooming salons might not pay attention to the ads published in the local paper. Also, remember that any kind of advertising requires humor and creativity. With print advertising for a luxurious grooming salon, the stakes are even higher.

Website design

Nowadays, if your business doesn’t have its own website, it doesn’t have the slightest chance to survive as well. The website design requirements are so high nowadays that it’s hard to follow them. Hard, but not impossible. For your grooming salon website design, think of something modern, clean and appealing to people. Managing to create a website that is more like a candy to people’s eyes is already a half of your success. People like pretty things. Make sure your grooming salon website is beautiful indeed.

grooming salon website design

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