The DC Team love creating logos. It’s our bread and butter within our business and something that really turns our design crank in the right direction. As such, we feel like we have a few important thoughts to share on the subject: our top ways to improve the overall quality of your text-based logo designs. If you’re looking for ways to heighten your skills, there’s really no better place to look!

  1. Use a Unique Font: Now, when you’re making a text-based logo design, you’re going to want to remember to choose a font that speaks directly to the viewer in a way that no other brand does. What this means is simple: No boring or widely used fonts! Think about brand’s like Coca-Cola. Their logo is entirely made up of text, but uses a very signature and creative curled typeset. Because of this, the average passerby will see the font, and immediately recognize it for the brand it is. This is what you’re aiming for, and you’re going to want to get there at all costs.
  2. Don’t Forget Shape: Another important factor is shape. Don’t forget that you can bend the type, stack it on top of itself, arrange it in a cool way, or do any number of other things to fashion together a logo that flows in a unique style. Be creative with your layout. We’d say about 7 times out of 10 a simple, straight horizontal layout will work best. But for those other three, nothing but a knockout warp will get the job done!
  3. Don’t Forget Color: Remember that you can use color to accent portions of your new logo. Maybe you have a single small shape above the type that you’d like to differentiate between the rest of the logo. Just add some quick hue work, and your job is done! Be wary of coloring the type itself, as this can often be a mistake. However, under the right circumstances, it can really be the difference between a truly incredibly logo and a hum-drum effort.