Client retention rate is vital for a successful business development, whether you’re a freelancer or 1000-person firm.

Just think about how much time and resources you spend on attracting new clients. Beginning with advertising and introducing your service to the target audience, finishing with discussing and studying their project, giving them some ideas about how it will come out etc.

Working with clients that come back means more time working, less talking. Imagine how great would it be if instead of making new clients, your previous clients would comeback for more?

In this article we give you 9 tips on how to make your client seek your help again.

1. Know your client

When you are working on creating a design for your client – get to know all you can about their brand, what kind of products or services they are offering. Conduct your personal research before you meet and they’ll surely appreciate that you come prepared.

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2. Listen to your client

Yes, you have a degree, but your client rules here. Listen to what they want and how they want it. Instead of being a know-it-all designer, let them take a lead. You are not an expert in their business – they are.

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3. Plan your work process

Separate your work step by step and inform your client about your progress. They also need to control the process and meet deadlines.


4. Underpromise, but overdeliver

Give client just a little bit extra. Jumping higher, even if by only a little, will show your client that you not only top your work, but you’re good at it that you can even offer some more extras while staying within the budget.

5. Meet deadlines

Everyone hates them, but cannot live without them. It goes well with planning. Do not let go of yourself, as your client has their deadline and they rely on you to be on the same page. Do not let your client down, if you want them to return.

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6. Control expenses

Plan your work carefully to avoid budget increases. In addition, consult your client to know whether they are ready going over set expanses, or no. Delays and cost blowouts can serious damage client’s faith in you being their right choice.  If you see a possible delay or cost increase, deal with it before it’s too late.


7. Put quality first

While clients do pay for high-quality design, but you will have to be sure they know what and where to appreciate. If what you give them is just the same as a guy from the streets can do – why should they go for YOU? Your client does not care about visual hierarchy or typography – that’s meaningless for them. Point out and make them pay attention these small features of your design. Make them know the difference between YOU and everything else.

8. Get feedback

Your clients will constantly be forming opinions about your progress, your general performance, the quality of your service, and so on. So why not take advantage of those opinions? Next time you meet with a client, finish up by asking them what they think of your work on the project so far. It’s a reasonable, non-threatening way to get some feedback from them, and it can help you to hone in on the areas that matter.

9. Create enjoyable experience

At the end of the day, the best way to make sure the client returns is to make them enjoy working with you. Always be polite and attentive. A bit of humor here, a piece of advice there. Set them at ease to receive more insightful comments and feedback about your work. Once your clients start to look forward to working with you – they will totally return.