Your business cannot develop without the new skills you keep getting all the time. DesignContest wants to make sure you won’t miss anything gripping next week. So, meet 2 conferences in the USA that deserve your attention!

The Startup Social by ExitEvent

July, 17 – Raleigh, North California

The event is purely for friends. And those who want to become friends. If you are interested in startup businesses and happen to be near Raleigh, North Carolina, next week, feel free to join the conference devoted to both startup business and pleasure. Make useful connections while drinking tasty wine and listening to successful people who will share their success with you.

Small Business/ Startup Smart Internet Marketing Workshop

July, 19 – New York

Visiting this workshop (which, by the way, is also completely free of charge), you’ll find out more about the most powerful tool marketing specialists have nowadays – Internet. You’ll also see a few ways this magical tool can be used to boost your business in its initial stages of development. If you think that you already know these ways, you’re mistaking – this workshop will show you a lot and even more.

Hope the skills you get there will help you to get your company to the next level. And you’ll come back to us to get a new and great design😉