A logo is your company’s main jewelry. It embellishes your brand better than bars of gold. That’s why it’s highly important to design a gorgeous logo for the company you’re eager to promote. It’s a common truth and everybody knows that. However, you have hardly ever heard what is going to be next. Imagine that you have a logo you couldn’t even dream of. So, what’s next? How to use this logo in order to get as much profit as possible? You should always remember that your logo is aimed at getting promoted. A mental connection between your logo and your company is what you should strive for. You say M and you think of McDonald’s, you say Just Do It and you think of Nike. There are plenty of similar successful examples as well as logo failures. So, we’ve prepared a step-by-step instruction on what to do with your brand new logo to make it work.

Step 1. Think of your website

logo design for website

Your website has to reflect your logo’s concept in terms of its color, chosen fonts etc. The whole visual picture should be well-balanced and show nothing but harmony. In this case, your website needs to cooperate with your logo because these are two ways for people to find out more information about your product in order to become your future clients. That’s why make sure that your logo fits perfectly your website to make it work.

Step 2. Prepare business cards

business card design

Remember the main purpose of your logo: to get noticed in order to promote your brand. If you want to introduce your new logo to your old customers, as well as present it to your potential clients, you’ll need new business cards. Your business cards have to highlight how beautiful your logo is. In order to do that, business cards must correspond with your logo’s concept.

Step 3. Take care of your current clients

Everybody loves getting small presents. Your current clients are no exception. If you present them with some souvenirs, they will truly appreciate such kind of attention. Especially if you place your new logo on them. Even if your clients are using your pen or pencil at work, they will be asked of the company that uses such a captivating logo. Small things really matter. Also, try to come up with some really clever presents. For example, if you produce cat food, think of some creative collars for your clients’ pets with your logo on them. Well, you got the idea.

Step 4. Advertise

Promote your logo everywhere you can. At the very beginning advertising is highly important for your brand’s awareness. That’s why all kinds of advertisements will serve you nothing but good. Discreet advertising campaign will introduce you to the public. It will also help people recognize your brand at the first sight, as soon as they notice your logo.

Step 5. Exhibitions

logo desing exhibition

Visit different exhibitions that have something to do with your market branch. Exhibit your brand, your products and your logo. Exhibitions are a great way to meet some useful people and to make people talk about you. Different tutorials, meetings etc. will help as well, especially if your company is a complete newbie on the market. Your logo may help not only with future clients but also with sponsors: they understand that if you were able to come up with such a creative logo, you may have one more ace on the hole. Raising money from sponsors will help you develop in the future, that’s why pay a special attention to it.

Step 6. Decorate your office

It’s inevitable for two main parts of your business: your clients and your employees. You cannot ignore any of them. Decorating your office according to a new logo will please people who work there: a well designed office will improve their efficiency, not to mention the fact it’s much more convenient to work in a beautiful place where everything is well-thought. Also, if your business requires clients coming to your office, redesigning your office so that it could correspond with your new logo would be twice more vital.

Step 7. Getting feedbacks

The largest secret of a successful business is communication. If you create a new logo for your brand, you need to know what your clients think of it. Perhaps, you’re the only one who likes it or thinks the logo is smart and clever. Others may think it’s hideous. You need to get your clients’ feedbacks not only before you launch a new logo but also after it. However, your clients aren’t the only people you need to get a feedback from. Your employees may also have some great ideas on how to make a new logo work. Make sure you’ll encourage them to share.