In a previous post we talked a bit about some of the extenuating circumstances within which you should or should not use an online site builder. However, we tended to focus on the areas where you should not make use of the WYSIWYG technology. We felt it was also prudent to turn things around this time, thus, we’re going to give you some of our top reasons why you should use an online site builder to get the job done with your next web design project.

  1. You Need a Simple Site: If you’re building a site that requires a very small number of pages, and you need it to look professional but without much effort put in, then an online site builder is easily the best way to go. Not only will it streamline the whole process from start to finish, but if your client wants to run the site once it has been constructed, they can easily do so with the CMS style software provided by most online builders.
  2. Do You Need a Site Quick? Another reason to spring for an online site builder has to do with the speed you need it produced. If you’re back is against the wall, and you need a site in some ridiculously short amount of time, then by all means: Jump straight on that online builder, and enjoy the full convenience that it offers to meet your goals on time, and with professionally branded results. We cannot tell you the number of times we’ve made the most by harnessing this option.
  3. Is Your Budget Small? Lastly, an online site builder is absolutely pitch-perfect for those sites that come with a very tiny budget, and a small amount of time in which to get them done. If you need to save money on your own time-investment overhead to make the budget worth your while, a site builder can save you bundles in both energy and money. This is great, as it allows you to work for a little bit less money without requiring the same level of expenditure to create a site. This means bigger markets and better results all the way around, as well as more satisfied customers.