Do you remember why May, 24 is going to be a tremendous day for those who like tremendous films, fascinating adventures and Johnny Depp? The answer is simple: it’s a perfect day for a long-awaited release of Pirates of Caribbean. To spicy up your expectation of this ingenious film, we display DesignContest in a completely different role, using a simple infographic below.

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What is the best way to compel your clients’ attention to the issues that are extremely significant for you? Is it better to use some creative text or a fetching picture? Both of them are indispensable when we’re talking about a sustainable development of your website’s traffic. However, picking only one would be a terrible mistake, taking into account that humanity came up with a striking tool called infographic.

Digital world is a maze filled with sharp turns, dead ends and unpredictable phenomena. Infographic is an information map which helps your clients and you not to get lost in the digital world. In this case, you may emphasize on facts you want your clients to notice. What’s more, doing it in an entertaining and engaging manner increases your chances of getting remembered.

Infographic has the only rule that under no circumstances should be broken: the rule of a clarity in terms of visualization, which helps your users to perceive the necessary information much quicker. Also, you pick precisely the information you want your users to dig up. Using different color and font combinations you can accent on the most crucial things you want them to know.

The clarity consists of 4 components that are worth paying attention to:


If you want to make it clear, make it simple. There is no need to cram your infographic with some excessive data. Pick those that, to your mind, seem to be the most important ones. Imagine that you have to explain a difficult equation to a kid. You will definitely avoid complicity if you want a kid to grasp your train of thoughts. The same is with your clients. They are kids and you are their teacher: simplify everything in order for them to understand your lesson and master the equation.


It arises from simplicity and contains a combination of a suitable color scheme along with a harmonious placement of text and its blending with pictures. Accuracy is your guarantee that the infographic will be well-intercepted and, what’s more important, your clients will totally get your point. Infographic is a great place for experiments, as long as they stay in balance and correspond with your initial idea. Don’t forget that not only what you place into your infographic matters, but also the way you do it. Make sure the colors you use belong to a corresponding color scheme. Keep in mind that infographic is also a great way to play on the contrast, that’s why dual colors may be a marvelous idea. Also, the fonts you use are those very parts that contain the largest part of information, therefore try to get limited by 2 fonts: thus, the attention won’t be diverted.


The word “infographic” can be explained as an “informative graphic”. In other words, it should contain the information that will be intriguing and relevant at the same time. This point is especially urgent if you want to use infographics in order to present your company’s services: don’t include there things that are far from reality: it will do nothing more than spoiling your reputation.


The most crucial point in infographics that can be lost if simplicity, accuracy and relevance are poor and can be highlighted if done correctly. Creativity means the flight of fantasy, beautiful feelings and inevitable astonishment. A single drop of creativity into your infographic may turn the last one into a love potion that will make your clients fall in love with your company. Think different, be smart and try to make your clients surprised: they will truly appreciate your efforts.

To sum up, infographic is a treasure map that can reflect all the necessary information you want to provide. Illustrated in details, it can come in handy when you want your website’s visitors to stay happy and satisfied with the content you provide. Exactly the way your photos in social networks can say a lot about who you are, infographics tell your visitors about your company and its services. It gives you a great opportunity to promote and endorse your business, that’s why make sure you take this chance!