Most Popular Font Types In America: Infographic

How do you know that a person you talk to is from New York, for example? Or from Texas? If this person says “Why are you grilling me?“, you understand that he or she is from NY. If you hear “I don’t have a pot to piss in“, you...

8 Design Trends Of 2017 That Had Better Die

Graphic design trends are capricious and changeable. However, they can be also easily predicted which can protect clients from a range of fundamental mistakes in their product designs. Though design trends usually come and go, some of them stay for longer. DesignContest has spotted 8 design trends of 2017...

What Type Of Logo You Need: Infographic

Take this quiz to find out what type of logo design would be perfect for your company. Need a custom logo design? Click here to get a stunning one.

8 Web Design Trends For 2018 (Infographic)

8 main web design trends you should be ready for in the upcoming 2018 in one infographic to help you understand what your future website design is going to be like.

High Converting Landing Page: Infographic

The anatomy of a high converting landing page in one inforgraphic. 9 necessary elements that will make your landing page effective and increase your conversion. Headline, images and videos, benefits, call to action, page fold, links, description, testimonials, and trust elements. This infographic will explain the usage of each...

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