Logos for famous movies range from the ultra-simplistic to the exotic. Hollywood spends large sums of money creating these logos, all to sell you, the viewer, on the concept of the movie. It can be bewildering to view the huge array of movie logos out there. Regardless of their ever-present nature in today’s media world, movie logos present an excellent way to learn about logo design. Try out these top movies logo tutorials today and learn several logo design tips on the way!


Auotbots, unite! Show off your love for all things Tranformers with this swell Transformers logo design. It uses a pre-designed Tranformers image, grunge and other texture brushes, with the end result being a fantastic metallic, 3d-ish Tranformers logo image. The design should be recognizable to any Transformer fan for sure! There are a few advanced steps involved in this tutorial, so be sure to follow the instructions carefully throughout the lesson.

Lord of the Rings Text Tutorial

Lord of the Rings was a fantastic movie trilogy and I truly enjoyed it. The series featured some really amazing special effects, battle scenes and a fantastic story (thanks, Tolkien!). Try your hand at recreating the LoTR texture effects with this fantastic tutorial! It’s geared towards Gimp users, but even Photoshop fans should be able to follow many of the steps.

Shrek Logo

For a rather simplistic and fairly easy tutorial to complete on movie themed logo designs, try out this Shrek tutorial. There’s only 8 steps involved and they aren’t too complex. It’s a great starting point for beginning artists!

Dark Knight Grunge Wallpaper

Are you like me and cannot get enough of the Caped Crusader? Love Batmen and all his comics, movies and memorabilia? Then check out this ridiculously tight logo tutorial on creating the Batman: Dark Knight design as a wallpaper for your PC, Mac or mobile device. The host website, Photoshop Star, does a great job in showing off the steps involved in all their fullness. Grab Photoshop and get cracking’ on this great movie-themed logo design!

Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titans was not one of my favorite movies. However, it did fairly well in the box office and had received some positive reviews. The logo texture effect is a pretty interesting one and one well-worth being done in Photoshop as a good learning experience.  Using fisheye warp and a few other cool effects, you too can create the Clash of the Titans texture on your computer! Check out the detail in this design as well, especially in the tiny, winged Pegasus (mythical creature) featured in the logo!