One of the things we really like to harp on here is minimalist design. Why? Because it’s easily one of the most marketable and best-looking principles out there. We’ve seen everyone from Twitter to Apple adopting the web design platform, and if you aren’t staying on top of these designs as a genre, you’re bound to start losing out on work. However, though we talk a lot about how to be a minimalist, we hardly ever talk about the reasons why you should want to be one. We’ll be correcting that now, though! Check below the break for a full rundown of the various reasons why being a minimalist is the greatest idea since sliced bread. Staring with:

  1. Usability: Obviously, something that’s less bloated is much, much easier to use. We’ll paint you a picture. Consider the Facebook website. It’s got a million features, a thousand different items to click on, and far too many distractions. There’s a steep learning curve just to know how to use the platform. Now, consider something like Tumblr. The site is elegant, trimmed down, and much smoother a ride than we’d typically get with some of the other social media giants. In other words, a minimalistic design is guaranteed to make your viewers feel more at home, and more comfortable with the software.
  2. Less Coding: One of our favorite cartoonists Stephan Pastis, once said that he draws the way he does because it’s literally the best he can do. His minimalist style has earned him a lot of respect, however. In much the same way, if you’re terrible at coding, minimalism can be your ticket out of the hole. With a minimalist design, there’s less coding involved, which means less unfamiliar territory for you. It’s a great way to show off your design skills in a tasteful manner while saving yourself some unneeded pain.
  3. Better Rendering: And lastly, when a visitor actually comes to your site, they’ll experience a venue that’s much easier on the final browser. In other words, it will load more quickly, go more smoothly, and allow them a better view of the content you’re trying to pass along. And to us, no matter how you slice it, that’s simply an unbeatable benefit. So to sum it up, go minimalist for the style, the speed, and the suave!